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Things About Me and My Jobs
Please Comment Before Add Me and Give Reasons To Be Accepted

Here my channel of Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmt-QgcUBRe2dm39CyeZ-aw

My Group : http://steamcommunity.com/groups/JuegosFF2 (You Can See I Have My Own Server)

My Channel of Twitch : https://www.twitch.tv/juegospablo

Hello My name is JuegosPablo and Im a Rigger of Level Medium/Maker of Model Not Proffesional,Maker of Basic Plugins and Maker of TF2 OCs

Please If you gonna say something about the games i play, something related about my job or my name you only need to tell me

The Orange Soldier on My Screenshot Showcase is my OC Loadout Soldier

Names You can use with me
-Orange Juice
-Sergeant Nepgya

The another "Nicks" used by my friends are only because they are very good with me

Can make my own skins to tf2 models

i can fix some bugs on textures of models (Example : Textures Dont Want Work)

My English isn't Perfect (If i have some problems on how i write something now you know the reason)

Things i love Do:

-Play TF2 (Freak Fortress 2) and Payday 2
-I love Medic Bags
-Hotline Miami Music
-I love talk about my life and something
-Work on Stuff of FF2

Things i can do:

-Make/Edit Plugins (Basic Im new on this so then i gonna have problems With This)
-Edit CFGs (I can do and test on my server but my problem is i cant make a balanced Hale)
-Fix Textures Bug (Just If They Textures Dont Work)
-Rig Models To TF2 Classes (Yes But im not a professional on rigging so its normal if i have errors)
-Update Models of FF2 to New Taunts (Yes i do on all models of my server and more stuff)
-Check Details To fix Hales (Yes i can do too)
-Make Skins To TF2 Class (Custom Skin/Custom Uber)
-Make Uber Skins To TF2 Rigs (Like Ethel)
-Help You On Fix Models Bugs (Except Custom Animations Hales/Models)
-Import MMD Models To TF2 (Gonna Be Rigged Duh)

Things I hate:

-Spam (i know i have a bad memory but cmon dont spam me or i gonna ignorate you)
-Dont like talk like a normal person (Screams etc)
-Be Inpacient (you know i have a real life and im busy)

My Current Works:

-Owner of FF2 For JuegosPablo
-Admin on Sauce Gaming

My Edited Plugins :

Taunt Menu (Updated to last update taunts) : https://www.dropbox.com/s/w4bms91vbl02dky/tf_tauntmenu.smx?dl=0

Skins Updated To Gamebanana:

-Female Spy : http://gamebanana.com/skins/153514
-Female Medic : http://gamebanana.com/skins/149910
-Female Sniper : http://gamebanana.com/skins/153938

List of Games I like play/Started to play (My Favorites i have on steam)
-Team Fortress 2
-Garry's Mod
-Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1
-Age Of Empires 2

My Best Friends

M7 (Teacher of FF2 BossMaking,coding of ff2 and a lot of new stuff Thanks a lot M7)
Scooty Booty Sauce (help me too)
Transit Of Venus (another help me with my bosses)
Kriz_cold (teacher of rig)
p0008874 (help me with tf2 models)
Fal (maker of my profiles photos)
Epicman (a very cool friend)
Русский (teacher of ff2)(thanks to him i do my custom ff2 and play ff2)
Hibiki (Best friend :D)
Dei (Second Best Friend :D)
Nameless (Buddy on Server of Hibiki)
Jazzy (Thanks to him im better on payday 2)
Mad (Funny guy i cant stop laugh when i play with him)
Captor (Horse Song)
Cyndaquil (Dummy and loved furry uwu)
Tio Dark (Lover of Jacket owo)
Mudkip (SFM Artist)
Prolw (Focuseable)

Wall of Shit

*DEAD* el_macana : ahora a vos te voy a focusear puto
*DEAD* AngelTorres : sos un gil
*DEAD* Auro : porque siempre me agarran mientras escribo
El Chucho Calderas : Machistas qliaos
*DEAD* [Sheriff] ★Mad★001★ : Cuchillo del sniper
*DEAD* •°Sr.Ñe°• : Un poco de respeto con alguien inferior qlo
Sollux Captor: Oh wn me robaron Las manos
Sollux Captor : Voy a tomarme
*DEAD* ▪Sr.Ñe▪ : Coera del oeste
*DEAD* [Sp8der] Serket : El weon tankea y hace DPS
*DEAD* [Moderador] Dei : TUERCEOLAS
*DEAD* [Moderador] Dei : bot jati
*DEAD* [Senior Admin]honk : ora te tiro el interne
*DEAD* Piki : JuegosPablo que nombre mas rancio
*DEAD* [Moderador] Lübae : solta el m1 la putaqtepario
[VG] Dei: Kicked Dei (Reason: todos putos, bab el doble)
Cyndaquil! : Es el testigo de jehova mas amable que ha tocado mi puerta y ha intentado violarme
*DEAD* [Moderador] Dei : TUERCEOLAS
*DEAD* [Moderador] Dei : bot jati
*DEAD* BlackZy_II : como odiao cuando t focusean
A rather festive MatruxG! : STIVO BRAZOFUERTE
[Moderador] Dei : aiava adrim
Captor : Tu mama es chueca
(TEAM) leonardoplayer24 : como se aracha???
Giorno The Lewd : Eyaculare tan dentro de ti que cagaras amarillo
Giorno The Lewd : Y pensaras que es hepatitis
*DEAD* MarkadorGamer15 : te camiaste
Dinodrill : shat ap cissyquil
Cyndaquil! : No me gradue en una unier'sidad islamica para no morir despues de tal detonacion
*DEAD* CumDaquil al vapor : me pica el riñon izquierdo
*DEAD* Cyndaquil! : mi cuerpo ha expirimentado una falta de oxigeno
[Senior Admin]Dei : im a virgin
[Senior Admin]Dei : not bindeable
*DEAD* shekkz : ptm no honor
*DEAD* shekkz : maldito putako
Sekibanki : vo eri weon o haci spycheck en tu spawn?
RedMint : como ago portales con el minero?
Mister_Sergal : esta wea se lleno de haiti
Mister_Sergal : ni en estacion central escucho tantos negros gritando
Mister_Sergal : haitianos pelean por vender en el metro, colirizado
Lotora : nigerianos pelean por vender collares
*DEAD* - Hydro - : Como vuelo con el milico?
*DEAD* - Hydro - : como hackeo con el empresario
- Hydro - : explorador epico
- Hydro - : curame cirujano

Feel the Orange Juice,Enjoy the Orange Juice
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Orange Juice
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Trades Made
Market Transactions

-Epicman (First Version)
-Corrupted Buzz Lightyear (Spy Version)
-Corrupted Barney Calhoun
-Dream Sniper
-Medic Bulldozer
-Minigun Bulldozer
-Zeal Bulldozer
-Zeal Cloaker
-Corrupted JuegosPablo
-Serket Not Vriska Serket,Serket is one of my admins of my ff2
-SCP-096 (Spy Version)
-Scooty Booty Sauce (Not Neon Inferno Version)
-Furry Trash
-Female Spy-Bot
-Corrupted Hidden Murder
-Blu Bob
-Red Bob
-Satori Komeiji (With Help of Maximus and M7 Thanks a Lot :3)
-Hidden Murder
-Big Boss
-Beep Girl (With Help of Maximus Thanks a Lot :3)
-Blighted Voodoo
-Hibiki (With Help of Hibiki (Owner of HibikiHale Server))
-Geisha Girl
-Lady Nu
-MeeMFromHH (With MeeMFromHH Help of Course Thanks a Lot :3)
-Tony Montana
-The Pybro
-Explorer Sniper
-Slender Jacket
-Hans Volter (With Nameless Help thanks a lot :3
-IF (Or Iffy) (With Nameless Help thanks a lot :3)
-Barney Calhoun
-Bec Noir
-Commander Private
-Bizzare Phantasm
-Chaoskrieg Varich
-Chaoskrieg Fal
-The Unidentified Producer
-Nue Houjuu (Public Version)
-Christian Brutal Sniper (Alternative Version)
-Dallas (Remake Version)
-Chains (Remake Version)
-Houston (Remake Version)
-Wolf (Remake Version)
-Ninja Spy (Alternative Version)
-Ninja Heavy (Alternative Version)
-Cave Johnson (Alternative Version)
-Koishi Komeiji (Alternative Version)
-LSD Grey Man (Alternative Version)
-Jonathan Stars
-Heavydile (Alternative Version)
-Zerstorer (Alternative Version)
-Volibear (Alternative Version)
-Robo-Sniper (Alternative Version)
-Mecha-Engineer (Alternative Version)
-Franklin Clinton (Alternative Version)
-Trevor Phillips (Alternative Version)
-Michael De Santa (Alternative Version)
-Paper Soldier (Alternative Version)
-Abstract Spy (Alternative Version)
-The Carrier (Alternative Version)
-Dio Brando
-The Haunted

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《[red-hoodie]》 Dec 5 @ 3:41pm 
podemos conversar?
💜★Nepgear★💜 Dec 4 @ 8:34pm 
my account was hacked.....i hope we can be friend back :))
Jizs TK Dec 1 @ 11:11pm 
Tu perfíl también esta muy besho uwu
Berzerk Nov 29 @ 7:50pm 
Nepgya? Nepgyaaaaaaaaaa!
Frostbiter Nov 21 @ 9:27am 
Someone on your friends list is a scammer just a heads-up. Roman bangers is his name i believe. Tried scamming me out of my ban with some "pending steamrep" ban thing and having a friend be a moderator. cheers.
➤ Uzume Nov 19 @ 9:08am 
Nepgear says that you should give her Mecha back ~