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What i'm selling:
Blender Models
-Basic Prop:$7.50

-Body Sculpt:$30.00 (You can get $10 off if you bring orthographics.)
-Manual (VR quality) Body Retopology:$35.00
-Modelled character mouth $5.00
-Clothing : $5.00 per article
-Modeled Hair $10.00
-Homemade model textures:$10.00
-Flexes : $0.50 per flex
Garry's Mod Model Ports

=For Game Models
Be ready to provide the mesh and materials, If I don't have the tools to rip it myself don't try to make me go digging.

=For Models Made By Other Artists
You must have their direct permission beforehand.
I will not ever port paid content, (Patreon, paid Gumroad models, etc.)

=Other notes
Maintaining actual contact with me during the porting process is an important quality, motivation doesn't grow on trees you know!
And on top of this, please consider supporting me by checking out and tuning into my streams on twitch, thanks!
Accepted Payment Methods
-Steam Wallet
-Australiums minus Steam Tax
-Csgo Skins Minus Steam Tax
-paypal (soon)
<PLEASE NOTE> I accept almost all friend requests, my main exception is people who have their inventory set on private. If you really want to add me, just tick it to public so I can make sure youre not 1). a bot (no items) or 2). a scammer (tons of valuable items)
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Sondri Attano Mar 6 @ 10:46am 
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+rep, straightest man alive, won't go within 100 feet of another guy.
$VDFOREVER Apr 15, 2020 @ 9:10am 
+rep Норм работы в мастерской :greenlike:
Tooneytunes Feb 4, 2020 @ 3:50am 
++Rep Quick help and quite talented guy, excellent Blender work. I had an issue where I need a model to be ragdolled, being able to facepose-fingerpose and animate it. IntrepidNeon only took about a day before had his first draft. Great in communication, great guy. The best to you. If anyone needs any help with 3D-models this is your guy!
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A good friend