[W-G] Harland
Hello! If you are from our website Werwolf Gaming Store, please add me and msg me if you need to trade Items, Gift Codes, PaySafe and Steam money! I'm always free to help out with purchases as such or just general questions. Please read the info box below.

Founder of Werwolf Gaming Garry's Mod
Founder of Werwolf Gaming Rust
Founder of Molten Titan (Absorbed into Werwolf Gaming)
Founder N✘Gaming (Absorbed into Werwolf Gaming)

Feel free to leave a comment to let me know why you’re adding me if you like :)
Feel free to add me for any advice, questions and support for Werwolf Gaming.
My inventory and trade offers are reserved for Werwolf Gaming donations. The items in my inventory belong to the Community, I will not *trade* with you.

Thank you!
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Werwolf Gaming Store Information
Please visit https://www.werwolfgaming.net/store if you wish to purchase something though PayPal or your Credit Card

Founder of Werwolf Gaming
Owner of Molten Titan
N✘Gaming Founder

Reasons you should add me:
Donating with Amazon Giftcards/CSGO items (any of the methods listed here https://store.werwolfgmod.com/faq) ,
You've been told to add me by one of my staff members for support of some kind.

Reasons not to add me:
I want Admin
I want to be unbanned
Would you like to buy my server?
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jmac Aug 9 @ 6:50am 
Genuine question Harland, when will SCP-RP come back? I miss it way too much.
I spent at least what, $90 on it and want to use all the stuff I bought and stuff.
Lil Walter Aug 1 @ 8:01am 
mrfreshrenagades Jul 29 @ 7:40pm 
how do i claim the kit
knobimaster Jul 26 @ 3:45pm 
Hello, need help with my purchase. I have opened a conflict by PayPal, add me please
Ryze lover Jul 20 @ 4:04pm 
Stfu no one asked
slayrz_ Jul 16 @ 2:47am 
+rep nice person 😉