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"Ah, Sherlock, we meet again.., you will not win this time."

Game is made and Published by Frogware (Before the Sinked City) and Sold by Focus Home Interactive( now Focus Entertainment) as an distributor to all platforms that was released for all the Sherlock Games made by Frogware until the Contract expired at 2019 and was not renewed by Frogware.( From Interview with Planet Adventure in English/ ( Planete Aventure in French: ) As this is weird to me to have them as a Licensees.

"Return to Baker Street as Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, and with Toby the dog as you are asked to investigate a death of a murdered priest in a high part of London and prevent a conspiracy that will dethrone the queen."
The gameplay is in puzzles and First and Third person views are here to help again after the last two games need this to show the scenes and areas of London, and a few other areas that are not in London.. You need clues, thoughts of Sherlock and Watson's drawings to point where is the Suspects, also there are a couple more things to note. You can play with a controller or mouse and keyboard.
Cutscenes are rendered in-game and by Grin's Video Compressor (Bink Video), and the voice acting is good.
All areas and Characters have been upgrade to hd for this game but as for Crime and Punishments (The prequel to this game) got a upgrade and saved the voice actors for everyone that is in this game.

*Will you have different clothes like the other games: Not really for other parts in this one.
Are the puzzles in 3d: Nope back to the 2D for those.
Is it easy difficulty for this game: Are you *serious*? NO! It does have a special hint and You do have the skill to tell what is what.
Do you know where to go: Sometimes. but not always. "Use your thinking cap and Oranges to help you think"( Reference to the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy).

Rated at 7/10 for Graphics for 2010 to 2012, 9/10 for voice acting, 6/10 for Controls but just be warned about why, 8/10 on music.
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