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I receive friend requests on the daily from scammers and people who definitely will not talk to me on Discord and/or Steam; do not expect me to add you if I receive a request. Please comment below if you have an urgent request to ask of me. I will add you back if I know you from somewhere, or if there is important business to discuss in private. With regards to M.A.S.S. Builder, feel free to ask away about anything that involves the game-play aspect of the game. Highlander Experience :
RGLgg Intermediate S1 | Arctic Monkeys ( 2nd Place ) - Sub Spy
RGLgg Advanced S2 | Super Handsome Intelligent Team ( 3rd Place ) - Main Spy - All-Star Spy
RGLgg Advanced s3 | Super Handsome Intelligent Team ( 1st Place ) - Main Spy - All-Star Spy
RGLgg Invite S4 | squirtyay (4th Place) - Main Spy
RGLgg Advanced S5 | Never Knows Best - Main Pyro - All-Star Runner Up Pyro
RGLgg Invite S6 | squirtyay ( 3rd Place ) - Main Spy
RGLgg Advanced S7 | Never Knows Best (4th Place) - Sub Pyro
RGLgg Invite S8 | The Dojo - Main Spy
RGLgg Invite S9 | Goose Lagoon - Main Spy
RGLgg Invite S10 | Somebody Help! - Main Spy
RGLgg Invite S11 | Somebody Help! ( 3rd Place ) - Main Spy
RGLgg Invite S12 | Somebody Help! ( 2nd Place ) - Sub Spy
RGLgg Invite S13 | Somebody Help! - Sub Spy
RGLgg Invite S14 | Somebody Help! - Sub Spy

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Ashville has been played for many years in Highlander as a whole, starting in 2012. Designed by Kevin "Mackey" Mackey, "Ashville" was originally made for 5cp, but later turned into a KotH map which has seen many seasons in UGC and RGL together. Updated by
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Created by - Rorek and help! Hino

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thanks for buying me a sticky launcher 3 years ago XoXo
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my old discord got deleted in 2020, you should add me Cilerato#4889
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nice ass
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can I have your unusyal