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A glow-in-the-dark bedroom decals inspired, slightly pearlescent pattern skin, with a chance appearance of Moon and Sun anywhere on the gun.
Each of the graphics is inspired by the ingame UI elements and the past Operations emblems, with the Moon and Sun
Status - Pending, Created by - Hieronymus7Z
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Dawnbreaker starfield wallpaper
Artwork Showcase
The Mistwoods Update - Hoodwink hero debut
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Had a wonderful experience earlier this August, working alongside Valve on the Snapfire trailer. Some of the in-game assets are my work too!
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257 Hours played
There's too many and a perfect amount of things to love about it. So instead here are a few I believe could have been better:
  • Everything off the loading screens would have been a lot more impactful first experienced during gameplay, not as a still image in-between deaths/travel.
  • Compared with the way it's handled with the Bonfires and Sculptor's Idols, the simple fade to black at the Grace sites comes across as too much of an omission.
  • The ever-present music is a little overbearing at times.
  • Personally, not a fan of the bombastic musical piece in the main menu. It's great, but an odd choice for the start of the game. Even when launching it for the hundredths time, I would much rather skip it as soon as possible, mostly because it just doesn't fit with whatever follows right after, most of the time.
  • The opening slideshow is underwhelming. Not that the rest of the experience is in any way lessened because of it, but it clearly tries building excitement.
  • With what it allows the enemies, the game expects a lot from the player. How much of an issue it is, heavily depends on the way one chooses to play it however.
  • This is the smallest slightest quibble, but still. Smithing stones 1 through 9? Gone are the days of titanite stones, slabs, shards, chunks?Godefroy very narrowly avoided getting named Godrick 2.
none of these and not all of them together make the game any less than absolutely wholly perfectly enchanting. There are no words to describe how wonderful it is if you let yourself be lost in it.

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Uni Nov 7, 2020 @ 1:05am 
Добрый день, Альфред! Я занимаюсь изучением лора Доты и у меня канал на ютубе, который называется Dota Universe, я бы очень хотел с вами пообщаться на эту тему, если вы не против - примите пожалуйста заявку в друзья
ExIIve May 9, 2020 @ 1:25am 
realease pyroland map realease pyroland map realease pyroland map realease pyroland map
_30 Apr 21, 2019 @ 7:42am 
👽💄👔⚡🌳👃💗🐟📒🚘🚗🥗📗🏀 → 🐳 You may be recognized... 🐝
🔋🌂🎽🥞🥒🌽💃🌏💄💛📘👽🕺👑 → 🐛...soon. Hide.
👹🥞🚙🐟💚🍧🌋😺💙🎍📕⚡⛳🌽 → 🍖 Lucky Numbers: 💎
🚕👾🐊💃🚘🌳🌸🐝🎄🎫👃🐠👔👳 → 🥗 21,25,74 💗
dekker Aug 8, 2018 @ 11:36pm 
can slice apples with this chin
Matiski Jun 16, 2017 @ 1:20pm 
Топ чел
El Huesoso Aug 25, 2016 @ 4:06pm 
kinda ♥♥♥♥♥♥ connection for beta MKXL, hope they will fix it. Good Game, my friend