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I had thought that the critical reviews of this mod might be a little overly harsh, perhaps a bit too's just a mod, after all..., was I wrong. This thing is terrible. From the slow boat ride at the beginning to the complete lack of explanation as to what you're doing or why you're there or what your mission is at any moment, any semblance of plot is completely lacking. The gameplay at first seemed ok, but then it just got stupid...and I mean ridiculously difficult situations of being outnumbered without any good sense of cover or ability to match firepower (unless you play on easy, which I don't). There are annoying jumping puzzles made more annoying by the fact that half of the environment is designed in such a way that you're constantly getting hung up on it (including things like train tracks...yes, apparently you're expected to be able to handle 1,000:1 odds in a firefight, but don't have the capability to run across railroad have to jump). The jump height is set to approximately one inch. There are soldiers near the end whose armor is so tough that when you shoot them with the AR rifle, you'll have to empty about three clips into them to kill them (in the meantime, three of them have hit you with energy grenades, and you're dead). There is a boss robot at roughly the halfway mark that essentially one-shots you unless you're behind a huge post, and even then the splash damage from its fire attack often manages to wrap around the column (so much for physics) and kill you's one of the must un-fun boss fights I've ever done.

The levels start out at least feeling open and interesting, but devolve quickly into increasingly-obtuse levels with red herrings scattered everywhere. Scavenger hunts for tiny hidden switches to exit the level are common. The last couple of levels were so broken that I had to watch a walkthrough to see how they were SUPPOSED to work, and it was impossible...there is a sled that is supposed to break through a wall in the next-to-last level, and for me it would instead turn 90 degrees the wrong way, ghost itself through the wrong wall, and disappear into oblivion. This means that none of the required events trigger to exit the level. After trying multiple times and getting the same result, I ended up having to open the console and just use the map command to head to the next level (the final one). Oh, and spoiler alert: on the last level, you just run up some ladders and then end up launching a cluster of rockets...then the credits roll. Seriously. Totally anti-climatic, and unexplained. Why am I launching rockets? What did they do? We never even get to see them blow anything up...they just head to the sky and then you get to watch a long list of Eastern European names scroll by. Whoop-dee-doo.

This is the most unpolished, untested, unfinished, confusing, frustrating, and boring mod that I've played in a long time. Avoid this thing like the plague. There are plenty of better options, and you'll be spending your time much more wisely. Don't repeat my mistake. Seriously, this thing is as bad as it sounds.
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Grez Aug 27, 2015 @ 2:41pm 
I posted some videos to Plays. TV for the game Rituals...highly stylized game, and pretty dark. They're medicore quality...hadn't tweaked the Raptr client yet. Not a big deal due to the art style of this game. Anyway, enjoy:

So much guilt...

RUUUUNNNNN! [Or, in this case really, paddle paddle paddle]
Yori Jul 3, 2011 @ 3:18pm 
ah yup, same as DarkMoonDragon.
DarkMoonDragon Jul 2, 2011 @ 10:37pm 
Hey man, just postin' a comment on your profile for the summer camp thing. Feel free to do the same!