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I'll keep this short and sweet...kind of like this game.

I really enjoyed this point-and-click adventure. Making a bold assumption based upon the credits, it looks like most of the team was Russian (with perhaps some other Eastern-bloc ethnicities thrown in for good measure), and I'm pleased to say that they've broken the Steam stereotype of the churn-and-move-on pattern we've seen all too often from that geography. That's a good start, right there.

The game's art style is very interesting, and matches well with the simple mechanics (which literally involves left-clicking to do anything that you need to, and perhaps hitting the space bar to toggle your astral view, although that can be done via mouse too, if you prefer). Animations are entertaining, both in terms of your protagonist character and all of the NPCs and background critters.

The dev team avoided language and translation issues by simply not using language...everything is conveyed via on-screen cues and fairly obvious, universal symbols. Now, figuring out what the game is about may be a bit more confusing for many at the beginning...this is very much a spirit-world, Eastern-religion-based game (although very cartoony and not to be taken seriously) -- the name is "Karma," after all -- but despite the opening sequence, I found my mission (and why I started as a white glowing, floaty critter, but was a black-colored, ground-based critter when gameplay began) a little obtuse. But, it was easy enough to start putting together the pieces once I played for a few minutes, and it all began to make sense.

Your little critter has the capability of astral view (to see beyond the veil of the readily visible world, or whatever), and understanding this capability took a few moments, as well as understanding WHY I needed to bother with it. For the most part, it aids in uncovering hints as to what you should do in various areas, and every once in a while, it's actually required to manipulate something. It can be toggled at will. Once I was used to it, though, it became second nature to check this fairly often to ensure that I wasn't missing something.

Navigation was easy, and I enjoyed the many environments as well as figuring out how to activate the functions of the "spaceship" (you'll see why I have that in quotes when you play). Puzzles are interesting, of middling difficulty, and seldom frustrating (ok, the leaf maze was a little annoying, but it wasn't that bad). Your little critter moves a little slowly, but you usually don't have that far to go, so that wasn't a big issue, either.

Game was stable, no bugs to speak of, although playing in ultrawide mode could create a couple of funky visuals if you zoom out too far in your view. There weren't in-game graphics options, but really this wasn't a problem the way that it is in many games...overall, things scaled well without the need for tweaking.

The game is short, but thoroughly enjoyable (my play time is inflated due to idling for cards). Some people might complain that $2.99 is too high for a short game, but I think that all too often people don't realize how much work goes into making a game, especially one that feels as polished as this one (it has a fairly good-sized crew working on it for an indie point-and-click). Three bucks really isn't much to ask (you pay more for fancy coffee and enjoy it for less time and don't complain), and I personally feel that Karma is priced appropriately. I was fortunate enough to get it in a bundle, but when subsequent episodes are released, I play to buy and play them to support the authors. This is a quality game, and they deserve the support.

Long story short, if you like casual point-and-click adventures with a strong cartoon art style, you could do a lot worse. I fully recommend Karma for that audience.
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Grez Aug 27, 2015 @ 2:41pm 
I posted some videos to Plays. TV for the game Rituals...highly stylized game, and pretty dark. They're medicore quality...hadn't tweaked the Raptr client yet. Not a big deal due to the art style of this game. Anyway, enjoy:

So much guilt...

RUUUUNNNNN! [Or, in this case really, paddle paddle paddle]
Yori Jul 3, 2011 @ 3:18pm 
ah yup, same as DarkMoonDragon.
DarkMoonDragon Jul 2, 2011 @ 10:37pm 
Hey man, just postin' a comment on your profile for the summer camp thing. Feel free to do the same!