"When I die, fuck it I wanna go to hell
Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin' tell"

lubię hiiiiiiiiip hooooooooooooooooop
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DISCORD NAME: Gregorious#2525

"Murdered upon the railroad and laid in a lonesome grave"
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Welcome to my profile


● I do not accept private profiles.
● I will kick you out of my friends list if you will invite me to the cs:go more than 3 times

► Find me

:_Square_: MyAnimeList [myanimelist.net]
:_Square_: YouTube
:_Square_: Xbox Live [account.xbox.com]

► Favorite games

:_Square_: Grand Theft Auto Franchise
:_Square_: Prototype
:_Square_: Heroes of Might and Magic III
:_Square_: POSTAL 2
:_Square_: Saints Row Franchise
:_Square_: Minecraft (Vanilla or modded with friends, I don't play on public servers)
:_Square_: Far Cry 3
:_Square_: Stardew Valley

► Favorite music genres

:_Square_: Electro House (mostly Complextro)
:_Square_: Trap
:_Square_: Lo-fi
:_Square_: Glitch Hop
:_Square_: Synthwave
:_Square_: Shadow/Cloud Rap
:_Square_: Wave
:_Square_: Phonk

► Favorite songs

:_Square_: $uicideboy$ - My Flaws Burn Through My Skin Like Demonic Flames From Hell
:_Square_: LIL UGLY MANE - )))____◎◎◎◎█████
:_Square_: Bones - CtrlAltDelete
:_Square_: Bones - WhereTheTreesMeetTheFreeway
:_Square_: Noisecontrollers - Down Down (Down Version)
:_Square_: The xx - Intro
:_Square_: $uicideboy$ - Gloom
:_Square_: Toto - Africa
:_Square_: Linkin Park - Krwlng
:_Square_: HOME - Resonance
:_Square_: Robert Miles - Children
:_Square_: setawave - cosy brisa
:_Square_: Lil Ugly Mane - On Doing An Evil Deed Blues
:_Square_: EvenS - Tell

Thanks for visiting my profile!
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Thanks dude! Merry Christmas for you too :B1: