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Friend Requests

- Do not add me regarding TF2 exploits. I have already given all information in my Reddit post. If you have questions, read there. Though I have found several major ones, and covered several others, Valve's half-assed inconsistency has lead most of my information to be ignored or go unrecognized. I have not pursued further exploitation due to lack of interest and to prevent continued victimiziation from a patchwork double standard company.

- Do not add me regarding modding questions. While I did do TF2 modding, I have not kept up with it for sometime. Many new tools have been released, and many old tools have been broken. My information is old and mostly irrelevant. If you have questions, ask the Facepunch Emporium, not me.

- Do not add me to trade for items I have not listed. I am only interested in trading items that I have listed for trade. If you believe it's an offer I can't refuse, post it on my profile.

- Do not add me to ask about trading advice, information, or anything of the sort. This includes Engineer items. I'm not an avid trader. Much of what I have is gifts, or I got for the sake of having, not to profit.

-When adding me, if you have a private profile , post a comment as to why you're adding me. I will no longer accept private profile requests without a comment.

- If I remove you without warning: I probably did so because my friends list is full. If I do so, it is nothing personal. Readd me or join my group if you need me.

Group Invites

Unless it's a special circumstance (such as a closed beta that I'm participating in), please do not invite me to your group. I have a lot of groups as it is and am trying to keep them trimmed down. Friend and novelty groups are nice, but if I need to contact you, I'll most likely have you on friends.

TF2 Item Signing

-I will gladly sign any weapons or hats you wish me to sign. Provide the item and gift wrap and I'll sign it for you at no charge.

TF2 history

Team Leader for Wartortle Warriors

--Soldier/Engineer Starter for Alphabet Alliterations/Octa Drinks Bleach: The Musical in UGC Gold Season 18
--Engineer Starter for Wartortle Warriors in UGC Platinum Season 17
--Played Medic starter for PlayTheFuckingObjective in UGC Silver Season 16
--Played Engineer starter for Squirtle Squad in UGC Gold Season 15 (1st Place)
--Played Engineer starter for Death Marked Soldiers in UGC Platinum Season 14
--Played Engineer backup for Pregame Tryhards in UGC Platinum Season 13
--Played Engineer for TFD in UGC Gold League for Season 12
--Played Engineer for SSB (Formerly WILD) in UGC Gold League for Season 11
--Played Engineer for WILD in UGC Gold League during Highlander Season 10
--Played Engineer for WILD in UGC Silver League during Highlander Season 9
--Played Engineer for WILD in UGC Silver League during Highlander Season 8
--Played Engineer for get9 in UGC Steel League during Highlander Season 7
--Played Engineer for Terms of Enrampagement in UGC Steel League during Summer Season 6
--Played Engineer for OCR Highlander Team 2 in the 2010 ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge


--Participant as Engineer in the Communities vs Pros 5
--Recognized as an Engineer Apostle

--I did the engine work behind Improved Taunts Mod. I cannot animate.
--I have discovered many major exploits in the TF2 engine.
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