Velivian Fesothe
Vellivan Fesothe   Westhoughton, Bolton, United Kingdom (Great Britain)
:cocoUK: Vel | My Fiancée is Kilynn :PawHeart: | 38,Bi,Pan, He/Him
:HentaiPaw: CEO of :HentaiPaw: | Discord: Fesothe#0122 |
:mfc2CatPaw: More social links are available at :mfc2CatPaw:
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Vel Fesothe
Hello! I'm Vel Fesothe:
:armelloking: All:
About Me:
Vel is short for Velivian, I'm a furry(Furrie) Lion, whom is the CEO of FurShows [] and the developer of Fesothe3D [] I'm also developing a studio called Snack Ferret and a 3d charity.

Gender: Male.
Age: 38.
Nationality: English.
Language Spoken: English.
Favourite Games: Cyberpunk, TF2, C&C, Ragnarock Online, GTA 5.
Favourite Animes: Haibane Renmei, Boku No Hero Academia, Sword Art Online.
Favourite Music: 80s, Electro Swing, D&B, EDM.

I also like CO-OP zombie survival games, FPS, and anything remotely akin to GTA5, and I'm looking for gaming friends. Feel free to add me.

My Fiancée is @kilynn

Crypto: velivian.crypto

:scrap: About My:
Second Life:
I joined Second Life in 2006 where I started modelling using primitives and became a registered mentor, I can be found there as:

Roger Blackhawk []
SteamPunk Gears []
Fluffy Scribe []

:HentaiPaw: About My:
I’m a member of the furry fandom (a furry) and my fursona is robotic steampunk pirate “a ringmaster of robots” that is based on my Second Life avatar and is a combination of lion and rabbit parts. Though I primarily see myself as a Lion.

:HentaiPaw: Lion Head
:HentaiPaw: Rabbit Ears
:HentaiPaw: Rabbit Tail
:HentaiPaw: Lion Paws

I don’t yet have a fursuit but I am saving up and hope to buy one within the next 2 years so that I can attend local furmeets and furcons and start making furry themed videos for my furshows entertainment website.

:HentaiPaw: About My:
I'm a daddy to two Male rabbits.

:HentaiPaw: Melvin
:HentaiPaw: Castello

:HentaiPaw: Curator Of:
All Furry Entertainment and Shows

FurShows is a cultural archive for the furry fandom and anthropomorphic fans and aims to be a streaming service.

FurShows aims to own a social enterprise (a subsidiary) that reinvests profits, funding, and ad-revenue to help furry creators and studios make and develop content by providing equipment and resources, and with their permission shares those created works with the furry fandom and anthropomorphic fans through it's entertainment website and it’s associated apps.

Visit Us:
Steam Group:
Service Status:

:scrap: About My:
PC Specs:
CPU: AMD Ryzen 9 3900X 12-Core Processor
Motherboard: MS-7C37
GPU: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT
Storage: 500GB m.2; 2TB SSD; 8TB USB SCSI

:scrap: About My:
Keyboard: MSI VIGOR GK30
Mouse: MSI Clutch GM11
Mouse Pad: MSI
Microphone: N/A
Headset: MSI
Monitor: 144hz Acer

:cozynms: View My:
Steam link:
Steam rep link: link:
CSGO backpack link:
PSN link:

Alternate Account:
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ARK: Survival Evolved
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Cyberpunk 2077
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The Furry Party - Public Group
The Political Party for Furrys, Animal Enthusiasts, and Animal Rights Activists.
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Chairman Of The Furry Party:
:HentaiPaw: Chairman Of:
The Furry Party:
A political organisation and a centrist political party located in the UK, run by furrys with a focus on promoting animal welfare globally.

Visit Us:
Steam Group:
Favorite Group
FurShows - Public Group aims to own a social enterprise that reinvests funding and ad revenue to help furry creators make and develop content, and shares those created works with the furry fandom through our entertainment website and it’s associated apps.
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Destiny 2 - Mars Escalation Protocol.
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Minecraft & HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition, Testing 1080p
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A modpack for my server focused on building and hassle free dino management. Wardrobes included as we like to look good while we play.

Image has a sneak peak of a mod in progress I am working on.
Created by - Kilynn Tor
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