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You do make a difference.
https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fawxington is the only OFFICIAL Steam Profile for Fawxington. Check before rekt. No trading, ever.

Blessed are those that rest.
:InjusticeCatwoman::heartred: Rest In Peace, Dakota. We miss you, think of you, and keep you with us. [fawxington.com] :heartred::InjusticeCatwoman:

Don't text and drive.
It can wait, don't kill someone else because you can't stay off your useless phone.

I was given the name 'Fawxington', which I use to this day by a close, personal friend, whom I would die for. If you see a 'Fawxington' anywhere and you're not sure if it's me, you're more than welcome to reach out to me on Telegram [t.me] before you proceed in any conversation or other practices.

Visit here [fawxington.com] to view pieces of art of my fluffy boyos.

Memes and Dreams. [fawxington.com]
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So you're probably thinking "Man, you know what, after Brhuce Hammar, Call of Trainwiz, and Transportato, what I really need is more trains!" and you're also probably thinking "Man, dragons suck, I wish someone would replace them with Thomas the Tank Engin
Created by - Trainwiz
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Random crap.

ENTJ Personality [www.16personalities.com] with a dashing of "GoFuckYourSelf."

Ben Shapiro.

Best Game Ever. +1

Can't Handle This.

Careful who your Heroes are...

"One night, something fell and broke a window downstairs, it was the Christmas tree, so my dad went downstairs in his underwear with his gun and checked it out. I came out of my room as he came upstairs and I saw his gun, I asked, "Whoa Dad, what's with the piece?" He said, "Shut the fuck up." And then he raped me...the only robber in my house that night, was my dad. He took something that can't be brought back." - Clem, 2015.

"That's my dream! To get paid to ban kids from games!" - Fawxington, 2016.

"F stands for fuck
A stands for ass
W stands for what the fuck
X stands for XXX pronography luvr 69
I stands for I dont know fuck you
N stands for whoa there I cant say that out loud
G stands for g-spot. The one he hits every time.
T stands for tits. he likes those too.
O stands for open wide, his load is cumming
N stands for nerdy because he's a nerd." - Mr. Raul, 2017.
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PSiCM-X026 Apr 16 @ 4:24pm 
I'd actually love that cause I do need mor chikin in my diet. Well...meat in general :P
PSiCM-X026 Apr 16 @ 3:49pm 
A request I'd barely accept from anyone. Though with you.. I guess it depends.
PSiCM-X026 Apr 16 @ 2:04pm 
Wow.. you are one beautiful badass Fox~
Matt_Money Apr 13 @ 5:04pm 
It's COOL to be gay!
Post this on the wall of a homosexual friend and tell them how COOL they are :^)
Crispy Apr 2 @ 3:56pm 
epic *clap* gamer *clap*
:-) Mar 28 @ 2:46am 
do a flip off of a microwave pog