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To the missing loved ones that have yet to return.

:InjusticeCatwoman::heartred: Rest In Peace, Dakota. We miss you and think of you. [fawxington.com] :heartred::InjusticeCatwoman:

"Kid...if you need booze or drugs to enjoy your life to the fullest, then you're doing it wrong." - Robin Williams. 1951-2014. [fawxy.in]

How To Be A Person.


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Best methods of communication are in secondary information box.
But here is a email: fawxington@thefawxorg.com for your needs.
* Only responses from fawxington.com and thefawxorg.com should be trusted. Always check to make sure you're actively participating in safe practices when it comes to online activity.

The knowledge that nothing matters, while correct, will get you nowhere.
The planet is dying, the sun is exploding, the universe is cooling, nothing is going to matter.
The further back you pull, the more that truth will endure, but when you zoom in on Earth, when you zoom into a family, when you zoom into a human brain, in a childhood experience you see all these things that matter. We have this fleeting chance to participate in an illusion called I love my girlfriend, I love my dog, how is that not better?

Parents that force themselves to be together instead of being happy.
Knowing the truth which is that nothing matter can actually save you in those moments.
Nobody exists on purpose, nobody belongs anywhere, everybody's going to die.
Once you get through that terrifying threshold of accepting that, then every place is the center of the universe and every moment is the most important moment, and everything is the meaning of life.

Why do people look at life by the number of years you live?
Why live to be over a hundred, but you did not do anything? You stayed home, you were safe.
Most people are not afraid of dying, they are afraid of getting to their death bed and looking back at their life, only to have regrets, but not about the things they did in their lives, but what they did not do: the dreams they never sought, the risks they never took.

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Don't be a edgy cunt if you add me. I can't stand people who get upset easily and can't take a joke. Dark Humor is great and is to be expected from me at any and all times..

'Fawxington' was a name given to me by a dear, personal friend who I'd take a train to the face for. If you see a 'Fawxington' anywhere and you're not sure if it's me, email fxts@fawxington.com before you proceed in any contractual discussions relative to TFO or in general practice.
https://steamcommunity.com/id/Fawxington is the only OFFICIAL Steam Profile for Fawxington and relatable to TFO. Check before rekt. No trading, ever.

Memes and Dreams. [fawxy.in]

Visit here [fawxy.in] to view pieces of art of my fursona(s).

Don't text and drive.

ENTJ Personality [www.16personalities.com] with a dashing of "GoFuckYourSelf."

Ben Shapiro.

Best Game Ever. +1

Can't Handle This.

You Reposted In The Wrong Neighborhood, MF.

Careful who your Heroes are...

"I can't fit my paw inside a Pringles can. I have a huge amount of trouble fitting my paw inside of a Pringles can. I can get my paw like four inches in to the can, but then I have to tilt the can into my mouth, but by that point a bunch of crumbs have accumulated at the bottom of the can, so they all go spilling onto my face.

What I'm trying to say is that the diameter of Pringles cans is way too small." - Burnington, 2016.

"A firework show was held in Paris today... 300,000 people surrendered." - Anonymous, 2017.

"One night, something fell and broke a window downstairs, it was the Christmas tree. So my dad went downstairs in his underwear with his gun and checked it out. I came out of my room as he came upstairs and I saw his gun. I asked, "Whoa Dad, what's with the piece?" He said, "Shut the fuck up." And then he raped me...
The only robber in my house that night, was my dad. He took something that can't be brought back." - Clem, 2015.

"That's my dream! To get paid to ban kids from games!" - Fawxington, 2016.

"F stands for fuck
A stands for ass
W stands for what the fuck
X stands for XXX pronography luvr 69
I stands for I dont know fuck you
N stands for whoa there I cant say that out loud
G stands for g-spot. The one he hits every time.
T stands for tits. he likes those too.
O stands for open wide, his load is cumming
N stands for nerdy because he's a nerd." - Mr. Raul, 2017.
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