Something with a Y   Casablanca, Casablanca, Morocco
"The snow goose does not need to bathe itself to become white,
Neither need you to do anything other than be yourself"
Who am I
Hello, I'm Zétix. I go by a few names from time to time but Mainly I'll be using Zétix

I'm an 19 year old med student (My pride!) residing in Morocco, I usually attempt to be a good guy and have some fun with people but from time to time it's not the case. I'm not doing it on purpose so I'm sorry if I ever gave you a hard time.

Some of my hobbies are drawing and playing the violin! I am not quite good at them yet but I just find joy in doing those.I play a few games here and there mainly tf2 and league with a few friends of mine but I'm willing to try new games so don't hesitate to let me know if you're wanting to play!

Now that's about everything important but before I end I'd like to add a hall of fame here for people who left a mark on me as a way to show my appreciation towards them and in hopes they see it:

- DweebTrain (Bit) and Secret : These guys were exactly the first friends I made when I joined a community called Redsun and I've had a lot of fun with them but the timezone makes it very hard for us to play more

- Red : this man welcomed me warmly in the community and has always been a pleasant person to be around with, I also learned how to surf alongside him!

- Senagi : This person has been a phenomenon, from being a furry to switching into a weeb to all sorts of degeneracies. But regardless I had a lot of fun with him.

- Bun : Oh boy Bun, now this man is rather idiotic and retarded and all sorts of problems but I've been finding joy in playing with him, he's cool and I appreciated playing with him, god bless.

- Naki (Luxar) : Man oh man Naki, this person has been one of the most wonderful people I've ever known and I believe I've never seen him angry or spread any hate or any sort which makes him one of the best vibes you could ever have with somebody

- Keshi : Polish femboy :joy_emoji:, but regardless this person has been alongside me through some quite tough times and didn't fail on putting a smile on my face, thank you.

- Sofu (StrangeKoopah) : Also a femboy :joy_emoji:, and he also happened to be one of the first people I became friends with when I first started playing video games a lot. I remember playing db a lot against him and he's around my age which made it quite easy to get along with him.

- Star : I really don't know how exactly I appreciate Star , but for some reason I find some peace of mind and ease to express myself with him that I hardly find in anyone else.

- rivesid (Sternine] : this guy is a bit odd but I've had quite some special moments with him for the same reason as Red, as we used to surf together for a while and did play some other games together and he is quite pleasant to be around.

- Komario the dog : furry :sob:, I remember when he used to have a conductoror pfp a long whiile ago, I've known this guy for a long while, just like everyone else here and he is quite something as he has quite a unique personality for himself and does make hanging around with him something special

- Harem : Finally, this moron. The peak of toxicity and ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ and everything. He has been quite a pain a few times but regardless he's cool. I've known him yet again since the start of everything and managed to be unforgettable.

To all these guys, even if I vanish for years. I will never forget anyone of you. You all are really something to me. And for the other people I've met, this doesn't mean you're nothing to me but it's just that these guys are one step above each for his own reason
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2nd year: The test of perseverance <==== Here [On strike lmao]

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Senagi 2 hours ago 
Hell nah utsuho is like "me bird I have less brain cells than cirno and eat uranium and ♥♥♥♥ nuclear fusion :)" then we have Chad frog god of the mountains command's other gods and has the Mishaguji under control, and most importantly she looks way better than le nuclear bird
Nilathis 6 hours ago 
have an offer for ya, added mate.
Zati 7 hours ago 
Stfu frog ♥♥♥♥♥♥, bro trying to imitate the french.
Utsuho way better bro
Senagi 7 hours ago 
"He" still likes utsuho, so that +rep does not count
Fox McCloud フォックス May 17 @ 4:58am 
═══════════ 🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱🔱═════════════
🧡 Cool Guy 🧡
⚡⚡ Let’s be friends for future games ⚡⚡

🌟🌟 Have a wonderful year🌟🌟
💫💫 Stay safe & take care💫💫

🔥🔥🔥+REP The profile is fire 🔥🔥🔥

Zati May 15 @ 12:09pm 
What do you mean.... "he"
On god?