Right now trialing for two teams, so I am not looking for a team at the moment.

I like to play some games, watch some cartoons, talk to some people, that's all that comes to mind.
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Just Greznig Jul 12 @ 10:55pm 
brother, dont be dong
Just Greznig Jun 28 @ 5:40pm 
I am the ♥♥♥♥ing strong
SeValentine Jun 24 @ 7:18pm 
Gotchu fam thanks in advance for your response and in top of that will be giving it a shot to recreate it if possible ^_^ !!!
Knight Henry - The unworthy Jun 24 @ 3:12pm 
*That airclarft is so satisfying* (c)
SeValentine Jun 24 @ 2:26pm 
Hey there,

Wondering since i saw a video of my favorite artist rizzy.

Do you have by any chance the TF2 Anime Girls HUD Mod *v1.0 or i guess its 1.2*

Since the link of the download seems to be expired for a while and cant find it in steam workshop and nor 3rd party's websites.

Best regards
FishTigress Jun 9 @ 3:58am 
Hey, looking for an Engi main for my multi-European HL team (Open). Adding because of that.