If you sent me a friend request, please post a comment. A friend request without comment would most likely be ignore under the pretext of being a spam bot.

For those who want to use recent Payday 2 builder, here is the link.
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:books: About Me :books:

:odrown:: Where you from?
:apollo:: I am from Earth. If you don't believe me, there is nothing I can do about it. Maybe you can ask NASA to verify my identity?

:odrown:: Can you tell me about yourself?
:apollo:: No, I keep my profile as private as possible and only tell when I feel like it.

:CapitalDome: Friendlist Management :CapitalDome:

:odrown:: How you manage your friend lists?
:apollo:: Simple and efficient, just look at below.

:1: If you add me, I would try my utmost best to accept the invitation and greet you as soon as possible. Remember to reply to me even if your reply was a day or two late. If you don't reply within a specific time, I would remove you. I simply do not wish to have a :Silence: in my friendslist. If I have the courtesy to greet you when you send me a friend request, I see no reason why you cannot do the same.

:2: If you add me, please be patient. I might not accept your invitation immediately due to various factor. If your friend request is ignored, it was most likely been sweep along with the rest of the spam request. I have been receiving plenty of friend request from, presumably bot. If you are not one of it, please comment on my profile page to let me know.

:deadly3: If I remove you, it was because you are inactive for more than 30 days or for any other reason I deem appropriate, one of the most common reason is to keep my friend lists organize. Don't feel bad just because you remove from the friend lists, you can always send another friend request.

It is also for a good reason why I set my profile comment permission to public. If my response is too slow, you can use it to call me.

:FF: If I block you, the block is usually temporarily due to various reason. Do not feel offended just because you have been blocked. If you feel :steamsalty: about it, you can just remove me from your friend lists.

:odrown:: Do you accept friend request from private profile?
:apollo:: Yes! Term & Condition apply.

:magnifyingglass: FAQ :magnifyingglass:

:odrown:: Do you trade?
:apollo:: Yes, only with people I meet face to face. Unless you plan to meet me personally, don't bother to send request. My motto is "Don't call us, we call you". It might sound arrogant, but it is a safety measure I impose to avoid scam.

Like the old saying goes "It is better to be safe than to be sorry".

:odrown:: Do you accept group invitation?
:apollo:: I join group on my own freewill. If you send me a request, remember to greet me and tell me what your group is all about. The invitation would be ignored if no reason are given prior to the time of invitation.

:odrown:: Do you help other players?
:apollo:: Yes! Only if it is within my specific scope and capabilities.

:policesign: Warning :policesign:

:odrown:: What is the worst thing I could have done to end up being removed or block by you?
:apollo:: Plenty! Below are a few possibly that I could think about so far.

:styxknife: If you add me as friend and being :Silence: for a period of time after I greet you, you would be removed from my friend list.

:styxknife: Do not beg from me such as free games, donations or item. However, requesting assistance from me such as guidance on how to play a game are perfectly fine.

:styxknife: Spamming request such as trade or group invitation would get you :rf: as well.

:styxknife: I found out you are a notorious scammer or just being a :GATsatan: that piss people off occasionally (Especially me).

:styxknife: Sending me a gibberish message or calling me occasionally without reason would have you remove & :rf:. I consider those as spam.
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Floppa Jul 19 @ 8:49am 
since i am banned from the discussions i will put this here. dont bother with lightborne and just slug those kinds of people also besides looking at a wall there is no alternative that i am aware of
pzhda'tan Feb 4, 2023 @ 7:30am 
paypay the third is a DLC for paypay the second
P. Diddy Sep 24, 2022 @ 3:40pm 
lose weight weeb
F.N.G May 1, 2022 @ 1:43pm 
Que Ota hoverbird Apr 24, 2022 @ 7:57am 
request for some questions
F.N.G Apr 9, 2022 @ 9:13am 
request for friendship plox