Ash   Guantanamo, Guantanamo, Cuba
Come on Gmod-TTT and play on Dinkleberg TTT. Be sure to type !motd
If you are reading this stop creepin on me. The VAC ban is from MW2. Just message me and stop being so creepy.

Simce you are here.
I make mistakes, but try not to.
I like being alone.
I like not being alone.
Love ... Is a dangerous game.
I know life goes on w/ or w/o me.
I know life is short,
But I act as if i'll never die.
I try to be understanding,
but relize no one was ever with me.
I know what it is like to hurt,
But i dont know what its like not to.
I have seen and lived through hell.
I enjoy having people close to me, yet seem to push them away.
I have lost my best friend.
I have lost my Dad.
At one point it used to hurt less to make myself bleed.
I try not to judge people,
Because i know how much it hurts to be judged.
I know pain, and can relate to yours.
I used to be shy because I didn't want to be judged.
Now I am so numb I do not care.
I know drugs don't make the pain I have go away forever.
It only temporarily does.
I try to hide myself in plain site.
Many people claim to know me, yet very few do.
I feel when people truly know me, they treat me different, like i am a victum.
Instead of being treated as their friend, i am that friend who is in need, who is suffering.
To me that is pity, and pity gets no one no where.
I think tomorrow will always be there.
Yet there are times i dont want it to be.
I know that friends stay.
And best friends stay longer.
To enjoy the sunny days there must be a few rainy ones.
I drive a stick -♥♥♥♥ yes-
I love to dream, of a place that isnt reality.
Sleep is my ultimate escape, cant be hurting if im sleeping.
5 years ago i didnt think i would make it 5 years.
Happyness is a mindset.
Feeling numb nothingness is better then the pain.
I used to dream, now i wake up to cold sweats and nightmares.
Video games give me a similar escape from it.
It is NOT better to have loved and to have lost, than to never have loved at all.
I like being Ash, he is my 'ideal' self.
I do not attempt suicide.
If that ever happends there would be no going back.
Computers amaze me.
Family does come first.
Yes, friends are family .
I have a dog.
Life is a complex game for me .
I have drawn more short straws than long ones.
I do aspire to win the powerball :P
I can buid PC's. Like my own.
I know that at any moment it isnt the last moment. Life always moves on.
*powerball money would go to help dink fix the server. ;)
When i make you happy that makes me happy,
When i dont i get sad.
Trust is everything, plz dont lie.
You cannot please everyone.
I think second chances are a powerful tool.
When I am stupid bord i think of ponys and rainbows, to stay not so bord.
I do kick serious ass on TTT,
at points i even amaze myself.
It would be cool to be Super Admin.
I know death is death.
When you die you no longer exist.
There is no magic place where you will live forever with everyone who has ever died.
As a kid i hated my life and wished i was older.
Now that im older i realize that getting older makes you hate your life 0% less.
Living in the moment is where you want to be.
The people who have it the best in every situation often make the best of every situation.
For anyone who says money cannot buy happyness, you clearly take everything for granite.

RIP The old me 2016

Tic Tac Toe, If she sexts you first she a hoe -2018

I enjoy life like I've never had :)
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Combat is insane. Compared to the DS series it is much different, but in a good way. Your old DS experience is almost used against you. I enjoy playing a game I am bad at and have to master. This is the game. If you have played any Dark souls games or never played any of them it will be a challenge. If you play this game do not be afraid of death. Take each death as a learning experience, what moves did the person do, what should you have done to not take damage ect. Great graphics, runs great at max settings even on an old computer. GTX 770 OC, and an i5 runs at well over 100 fps constantly. Cannot recommend enough.

--Very fun to play again a couple of times, the upgrades you get at the end are just fun to use but your base sword damage kinda turns overly OP. Bosses are unique, plus there are different endings and a secret one which I personally like the best!

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