Cold   Sweden
ColdLight, a gaming player as Fennekin.
Profile Status: Public
MvM Status: 300 Tour achieve, long break!

Hello, my name is ColdLight and I'm just a gaming player who like to play games and sometimes edit videos.
I'm usual most intrested in ww2 games and been solo grinding in Co-op alots

I got intrested of editing when I see lots of "montage" videos, but since my video contains just Co-op with is obvious most boring to see.
But hey, I'm learning and have some basic gear for Youtube which don't really see that in further, or maybe?

Other Account:
Uplay: ColdFennekin
Origin: ColdFennekin
Epicstore:(I hate it)
My Steam Alt account
My World of Warship Account [EU] []
My Youtube Channel (Rarely upload/unlisted video)

What I like:
Turn base game
Co-op grind
Listen Music while in-game
WW1/2 (World of War 1/2)
FPS (First person shooter)

What I dislike:
Everything about Battleroyal (Apex Legends is fine I guess)
Having a player who act like a leader.
Compeitive (Playing serious isn't my type of happy)

Tour: 300

Australium Tour:
Nr.156: Medi-gun.
Nr.187: Sniper Rifle.
Nr.190: Tomislav.
Nr.203: Tomislav. (Really)
Nr.210: Tomislav. (FFS)
Nr.12(Alt account): Force a Nature.
Nr.282: Tomislav. (KMS)
Nr.295: Stickybomb Launcher
When my profile said:
Sending a friend request for no reason will automatic declined .

That's mean you better be smart and leave a comment on my profile for a REASON.
Leaving a comment that winning a giveaway or choosen winner, will be automatic be suspicious and will ignore it until you give a better answer of why shoulde I belive it or I will ignore it.

If you did leave a comment and send a friend request, but didn't get approve. It means that I'm not intrested for it, keep going again will be increase chance be blocked.

Total blocked: 85
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Jingles Sep 13 @ 12:05pm 
+rep Played MvM together, A absolute God-Demo made everything so much more easier.
Mat Sep 13 @ 9:09am 
+rep, amazing tf2 mvm performance
helo, i rihc tf2 tsar serhc gud items. tred if ned items.
ᛟᛞᛖᚾ Jun 30 @ 9:59am 
Koizumi Hayato Dec 24, 2018 @ 1:18pm 
The traditional...Merry Christmas!
illequine Aug 9, 2018 @ 5:15am 
great co-op player COH2