Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Game Collector
t4vo♿ 8 hours ago 
loveu shroud
WOW WEE WOW WEEE WOW 17 hours ago 
i love you shroud since childhood damn your the best scouter ever in csgo hope one day u can give me a blaze eagle thats what i always wanted in my life. take care legend of cloud 9
kapiogr Jan 30 @ 4:07pm 
can u give me some skins if u dont care about them i will pay my rent pls
Delalmeena Jan 28 @ 6:46pm 
signed by me, lets play csgo
PHconstantino Jan 27 @ 11:20pm 
Signed by PH! Peace!
sal Jan 27 @ 5:00pm 
sign or u r a neek