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Team Fortress 2
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I trade at the moment
Language(s): German, English

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private profile
Answer: No information about you

random requests
Answer: Will be ignored.

Are you a furry?
Answer: Yes. Not happy about that? Cry.

"Added to trade"
Answer: When the trading status is open, there will be a showcase for trading items. If not, I'm not selling any items at the moment. I only buy.

"I need to talk with you / Friendly guy. We can be friends for future games"
Answer: Piss off scammer

"Can you pls upvote this team/workshop item?"
Answer: Get a better life and stop stealing steam accounts

M v M
Last Australium drop: since 0 Tours
Highest Australium Dry Streak: 112 Tours
Total Australiums drops: 23
Sold Australiums: 8
MvM Lobby Profile []

Mecha Engine
Tour: 67

Tour 12: Australium Blutsauger
Tour 56: Australium Grenade Launcher

Two Cities
Tour: 636

Tour 20: Australium Sniper Rifle
Tour 63: Australium Force-A-Nature
Tour 65: Australium Medigun (4 Boxes)
Tour 161: Australium Wrench
Tour 293: Australium Force-A-Nature (Sold)
Tour 304: Australium Tomislav
Tour 308: Australium Minigun (4 Boxes)
Tour 311: Australium Stickybomb Launcher (4 Boxes)
Tour 313: Australium Wrench (4 Boxes) (Sold)
Tour 375: Australium Minigun (Sold)
Tour 439: Australium Knife
Tour 470: Australium Frontier Justice
Tour 488: Australium SMG
Tour 512: Australium Force-A-Nature (Sold)
Tour 518: Australium Minigun (4 Box) (Sold)
Tour 519: Australium Force-A-Nature (4 Box) (Sold)
Tour 617: Australium Grenade Launcher (Sold)

Gear Grinder:
Tour: 152

Tour 2: Australium Black Box (Sold)
Tour 86: Australium Flamethrower
Tour 98: Australium Axtinguisher (on Birthday)
Tour 151: Australium Tomislav

Australium Counter
❌Golden Frying Pan: 0
❌Scattergun: 0
✅Force-a-Nature: 4
❌Rocket Launcher: 0
✅Black Box: 1
✅Flamethrower: 1
✅Axtinguisher: 1
✅Grenade Launcher: 2
✅Stickybomb Launcher: 1
❌Eyelander: 0
✅Minigun: 3
✅Tomislav: 2
✅Frontier Justice: 1
✅Wrench: 2
✅Blutsauger: 1
✅Medigun: 1
✅Sniper Rifle: 1
✅SMG: 1
❌Ambassador: 0
✅Knife: 1

Favourite film/series
San Andreas
Escape Room
Halloween / Kills
The Tomorrow War
Storm Hunters
Rosario + Vampire
Demon Slayer
BNA: Brand New Animal
Death Note
Love, Death + Robots
Helluva Boss
Hazbin Hotel
Akame ga Kill!
Attack on Titan
One Punch Man
Chainsaw Man
The Boys
Alice in Borderland
My Hero Academia
Mortal Kombat
Mashle: Magic and Muscles
Five Nights at Freddy's
Chicken Run
Ready Player One
Screenshot Showcase
Australium drop #23
9 3
Artwork Showcase
Ref Sheet Art
6 3
Items Up For Trade
Items Owned
Trades Made
Market Transactions
Sell Prices
Strange Australium Tomislav
-> 20 keys pure only (Offers that arrive first will be considered)
Recent Activity
166 hrs on record
last played on May 24
412 hrs on record
last played on May 22
+rep good game
Happyᴰʸᶦᶰᵍ May 13 @ 11:34pm 
:skul: -rep? +rep? Idk, you tell me!
Znaxua May 5 @ 11:59am 
+rep pretty good player <3
juno Apr 11 @ 12:50am 
Thank you for the trade!
juno Apr 11 @ 12:48am 
Sent you a trade offer for your Knife Kit.
「 KOOSH 」 Mar 22 @ 8:59am 
+rep good sniper