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Listen, wife’s going out tonight. I’m gonna have the guys over, we’re gonna watch the fish on the big screen. I’m gonna grill up some brats, I got a microbrew chilling in my wet bar, and I was gonna warm up some ziti. Why don’t you come by if you got some triple fried pizza dough, or some kinda frozen meatballs, or whatever it is you can warm it up in my microwave, or warm it up back at home bring it over piping hot, but if you wanna bring over a vegetable medley, a crudités. Figure out how much lunch meat you can spare, maybe bring over a pound and a half, maybe two pounds of black forest ham, maybe a dijon mustard spread, any kind of dessert, maybe a german chocolate cake or something like that. I’d tell you what would make you a big hit with the dudes is get some key lime pie, al la mode, I’m talking about ice cream on the side. and you have got to have a bite of my homemade ziti, I’m just gonna warm her up, she’s been in the freeze. You know what I love are them hot mozzarella sticks, cube them up, put them in some marinara sauce, you have them on standby. Sure you can’t go wrong with some sour cream and onion, so long as you bring ridged chips.
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thank you for all of the love you gave me and the rest of your friends RIP
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you were like a brother to me never forget RIP
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rest in peace
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