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My name = HL3
Alex: wait I just noticed something o-o
Mance: you're gay?
Alex: -_-
Mance: what is it?
Alex: your name
Mance: ?
Mance: My real name and my Username both start with M?
Alex: 6+2=8 8-4=2 2+1=3.... HALF LIFE 3 CONFIRMED
Mance: LOL
Alex: xD
Alex: CoH?
Mance: hold on
Alex: Cant skype call tho :/ too late
Mance: "Carbon-11 has a half-life of around 20 minutes"
Mance: "20-11 = 9"
Mance: Carbon has atomic number 6
Mance: 9-6 = 3
Mance: yes I took that from a website
Alex: 0_0 thats just crazy enough to potato
Alex: sooooo.....CoH
Mance: I wonder
Mance: what will happen when Half-Life 3/Half-Life 2 Episode 3 actually DOES get announced
Alex: wait
Alex: M=13 A=1 N=14 C=3 E=5
Alex: 14-13=1
Mance: if you manage to make it a 3
Alex: 5+1 = 6
Alex: 6-3
Mance: ._.

/ \

This Is bob.
Copy and paste bob and he will soon take over steam!

I might be a Pokefur, problem?

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Westward lies bleed t'ward the east
Wayward daughter, step into the night
Restless eyes, blind to the beast
Barren waters yield unto the tide

The lyrics actually got released and they were different lol []

Online: Most likely online, but I may be away (see Away below) and forgot to change it, I have a tendency to do that.
In-Game: Obviously I'm in a game (I might also be away). If I don't respond don't spam me, I'm likely busy. Please. If you do I won't exactly be too happy.
Offline: Exactly what it says on the tin, but you can still leave a message.
Away: Definitely sleeping/napping, at school/work, or otherwise just not here, yet still have Steam on, check my name to see if its safe to send a message.
Busy: Actually at my computer, but doing something that I need to concentrate on, or I just don't want to be bothered for some reason.
Looking to Play: I'M BORED PLEASE SEND HELP!!!
Looking to Trade: I'm probably wanting to trade cards, but otherwise never used...

No, my name was not inspired by Mance Rayder.

Just a random gamer on the interwebz pretending to be a Dragon, problem?
I like to draw alot, mainly Pokemon, I actually might start doing requests for friends!
Send me a PM and I'll see if I'm up for it!

"Me"! [] (by ParadeofCityLights)
actual me [] and the shirt I'm wearing []

Birthday: August 4th, 1996 (21)

Friend me if you want to play or get to know me, a reason would be nice though! Also if you plan on removing me, please tell me that way I don't get guilt-strucken trying to figure out who did :(

Apparently I'm a INFP []

Final Fantasy XIV Characters:
Mance Souza - Behemoth (Primal) [MAIN]
Mance Zard - Midgardsormr (Aether)
Mance Stoutline - Lich (Chaos)

Favorite music: Depends, mainly Heavy Metal.
Favorite bands: A lot <w>

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DeviantArt: mance1462
Battlelog (Battlefield) []
Playstation Network: Mance1462
Skype: ASK ME
3DS Friend Code: DITTO
Tumblr []
Telegram: YesThisIsCuddletum : Mance1462#1686
uPlay: Mance1462
Origin: Mance1462 (I think there might be a pattern here)
Discord: Mance Stoutline | Mike T#2859

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