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Honestly not very fun.
I played 5 or 6 battle royal rounds and won all of them easily. I have not spent a single cent on this game.
I know I've only played for 0.8 hours, but that's because I didn't want to play more, I would have found staring at a wall more entertaining.
Aside from being ridiculously easy, the core gameplay isn't very engaging.
- No sprint/crouch
- Walking speed slowed when strafing
- Non-destructible maps
- Guns don't feel great
- Stupid controls with no way to rebind them
- My 2013 Prius is more fun to drive then the vehicles in this game
- Lots of random weapons with no easy way to find out what they do aside from using them.
- No 11 year old russians yelling the n-word
- I've heard it's pay to win, I personally found it so easy I didn't have any reason to pay, but you might want to look out for that
Now the positives:
+ Free
+ Only takes 4 gigs of storage
+ Really easy (if you suck at games this might be a ego boost)
+ Will run on your mom's 14 year old thinkpad
+ No 11 year old russians yelling the n-word
+ Hasn't made my girlfriend leave me

Instead of playing playing this you should go out side and touch grass, maybe learn to cook or to write poetry, pretty much anything would be more productive then playing this game.
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