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bug Sep 16 @ 3:21am 
i have never touched a girl or woman before. i am now at an age where to be without any sexual experience is considered, rightly, perverse. my awareness of my condition suffocates my every waking hour of life and i am rendered totally crippled in a spiral of exponential impotence that deepens each day and takes on new, darker shades each month. my mind is consumed with the vacuum that the abscence of adolescent sexual or even emotional attention from the opposite sex hhas left and the reality of the unrequited nature of my status of life paralyzes me on a metaphysical level. i long continual for the most childish forms of affection while being developed enough to know such things are fictitious. lately i burst into tears every time as i lay in bed and wait for sleep, which has come to be nothing but an unhelpful narcotic that momentarily relieves
bug Sep 16 @ 3:21am 
my existence of its imppssible state, to put an end to the unending process of a memory consumed by missed opportunities. even looking at a woman such as in ops pic fills me with such a profound sadness that i lose all instinct and urge to communicate with anything external to myself.i wish to be a body without organs. i am a husk mimicking human behavior. i just want to have held someone's hand at some point in my life. and i know my position to be so hopeless that, even if some girl were to show interest in me, i would not want to put her through the embarrassment that a relationship with me would entail. i am resigned to my fate, and i feel no semblance of absolution
bug Sep 9 @ 9:49pm 
gbestest firned ever
cremated angel Sep 4 @ 10:37pm 
back off.
esper Sep 2 @ 4:34am 
pretty cute pfp
stryder Sep 1 @ 1:30am 
nice profile pic ur boyfriend pick it out for you LOL