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Pretty self explanatory video - Easy & Fast
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2018 and the game is still having the same issues listed bellow:
lol gg

I really Enjoy this game, what I love about this is that it won't feel like the typical nerdy moba with RTS style gameplay, but its hard to enjoy due to a large amount of terrible issues and player abuse.

After having over 1000+ hours of playing this game, it always feels like every time they launch new characters, they are broken AF in order to players make abuse / exploit of that and get them with money or the in-game currency w/e, and several patches later they nerf 'em.

Broken hitboxes, they will hit you even if you are not in that place u were seconds ago.

Since I sense this is a p2p match mode games (not dedicated servers) it will always feel laggy and all kind of related issues in almost every match, reconnecting, kicked out, d/c in mid game, being frizen while they attack you and won't be able to do anything to avoid it, all you can do is see how you get killed while u are frozen.


- Broken hitboxes
- bad connectivity to matches, lag, etc
- No dedicated servers
- And the worst of all: Abuse / exploit of broken Nauts (characters) and they take months to fix that.
- Easy to snowball matches

And the list goes on, I just don't want to keep going since I hope they fix all those issues (lol ilr )

Hope I can change this review to positive instead of negative.

7broken english, over & out.
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