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Aditya   Bombay, Maharashtra, India
I Will Not Accept Any Random Add. Please Leave a Comment Below Stating The Reason For Adding Me, Or make a trade offer. Watch Out for Impersonators!

Im Sort of an unboxing addict....and despite the list below i've probably lost more than i have made back on this...
P.Fetti COnquistador
Something Burning this way comes Pith Helmet
Hellfire Valley Forge
G.Fetti Data Mining Light
O.Fire Bullet Buzz
Stormy Fez
Tf2 Logo Brotherhood of Arms
G.Fetti Bakers Boy
Aces High Pirates Bandana
Miami Nights Front Runner
Burning Panama
Burning Cadavers Cranium
PE Thirst Blood
DP Tyrantium
Ghastly Ghosts Juju
Phantasm Jr Tipped Lid
Ooze Letchs LED
Stormy 13th Hour Allbrero
Searing Armored Authority
*CSGO FLip Knife Blue Steal FT CSGO*
Falchion Foresst DDPAT FT
AK-47 Fire Serpant FT
P.Fetti Dixie
Blizz ♥♥♥♥♥
Aces Infernal Impaler
KaW Prancers Pride
P.Fetti Polar Bear
Isotope FN Alien Tech War Paint
Cool Blitzkrieg revolver
FT Hot Bomber Soul War Paint
FT Cool Hana
MW Cool Geometrical
WW Cool Cosmic Calamity
MW Hot Alien Tech
5 Unusualifiers

-The Key to winning a pub game is to play carry,because no matter how hard you support if you dont carry the other guys will suck- #dota2logic

Currently Online
Trading on steam has been one of the best things to have happened for me. It allowed me to create a sustainable income for myself and fund my education and expenses in order to build a stronger future. Now, i have a job that pays well enough for me to take care of those needs.
I've been in and out of trading over the past 2 years quite a lot and it has made me think whether i really need much of this. Im looking to cash out all my Unusuals and War Paints to gather some money. I intend to spend portions (~30-40%) of this in donating to Covid Relief and supporting charities that help bring Education and Food to underprivileged children. Some others would be Flood Relief and Racial Injustice Charities would be on request, however i will default unspecified sales towards Covid and Children.
I Plan to use the remainder of the 60-70% to try investing in a volatile and leveraged financial market with the aim to grow it exponentially to enable me to donate a larger sum and create a wider scale of impact.

I have most of my items up for sale on Marketplace, you can PM me for a discussion on the prices if you wish, while i can't promise a quicksell, i will be willing to discuss

You Can also leave me a message if you have a particular organisation you would specifically like some of the proceeds to go to. *Since I cant figure out how to put the screenshots on my profile, please check my Artworks for all the Beautiful People supporting me in this journey*


Assessment: Total Listed Value on (13.5K) assuming imma get talked down to 10K at the least sadly.
Total Sell Goal: 10K ; Reached - 2200 (Updated 16th July)
Donation Amount Goal : 3K USD; Goal Reached: 500$
Future Plan: Investing Amount: 7K. Goal - Make that 7K into 15K in 3 Months - Donate 6K and keep the cycle going.

Here are some links you can join and be a part of too :

It Has come to my notice that I am often impersonated,. so please beware of scammers and impersonators

December 20th, 2011, Over 400+ rep comments on my profile
I own an Untradable Craft #4 look for that. Check the Inventory, sometimes people put up images in the Item Showcase Section. Sneaky ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ^_^

No Rinks:::

You can also leave me a Trade Offer on

-You Can feel free to add me if you are not looking to scam. I pretty much catch those in a second.
-If your profile is below level 5 please comment before adding
-A Comment is always appreciated so i know
-I do cash trades only via
-I can Broker unusuals/backpacks. nothing under 100 keys though...i think those things you can sell
yourselff :)

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Hey Guys! Generally All my Unusuals are for Sale. And Although Pure is always preferred, i will however accept any and all offers. Ranging from Unusual Hats,Miscs,War Paints,Weapons,Items,Promos,Taunts,CSGO,Dota2,Etc

More often than not my prices can be found on my

I Also can discount a bit for pure, so dont feel shy to add me to discuss.
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прими го обмен
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hello, could you add me?
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good game tf2 bet is youtube sponsoring
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signed by me :)
yalla habibi Oct 4, 2022 @ 4:32am 
converting cs items to tf2 keys?