Ticketry's Backyard Ticketry
Ticketry's Backyard Ticketry
25 август 2014
ОТНОСНО Ticketry's Backyard

Welcome to Ticketry's Backyard!

~~{WHO WE ARE}~~
We are a friendly community founded by two furries that welcomes all furries, bronies, and really almost anybody (except trolls). We offer servers we stand by (and to be honest obssess), refuse any evil donation schemes or ads, and aim to serve as a diverse and fun community.

Our servers are a friendly place that is open to all, performance optimized, ad-free, and paw / hoof crafted for awesomeness. So feel to drop by and give us a bro-hoof, hi-paw, hi-claw...or even just a simple hi-five if ya wanna be unoriginal about it :-P

FluffyButts HLSP Classic No-Rush -

Ban Requests: Use group forums or message admins
Forums: Use group forums for now
Report Bugs: Use group forums for now
Server Info:

Generally speaking on our servers / group page / forums the rules are as follows;

1.) Respect EVERYONE. No discrimination of any kind or bashing others.
2.) No Spamming (Voice / Text / etc)
3.) No advertising please. If you have a group or project you are more than welcomed to be proud of it and make mention of it however don't just post or say "ZOMG check out my ____ lololololol!!!!1one" in servers or community.
4.) No links to malicious websites.
5.) Keep it PG-13 in our steam group please
6.) Foremost have fun!

Blizzard Ticketry - Co-Founder / Server Wizard
Cosmos Hooves - Co-Founder / Web, Community, & Custom Content
01/01/2019: Happy New Year!
10/30/16: Server Operation Suspended
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masterwolf164 26 септ. 2017 в 23:38 
1st 2017 comment for this group
Cosmos The Fox 12 юни 2016 в 1:42 
@Dr. Pawsworth - Thanks for the suggestion! We've actually been holding off due to a ton RL stuffs and Sven Coop itself. We were originally waiting for the new update but now the recent drama [] around the mod leaves that an unsure situation for sure. Anyways thanks again for the post and feel free to let us know on any other suggestions / ideas. :steamhappy:
Dr. Pawsworth 1 юни 2016 в 4:32 
Sven was recently updated to add the 4.0 maps back into the game. If you lads have any intentions to do something with 'em, now's the time.
Cosmos The Fox 25 апр. 2016 в 21:57 
Also I mean a traditional ban system in place at the user level. If someone was a huge pain then it'd be more at the official level for their account.
Fonker the Teddy 25 апр. 2016 в 21:57 
Oh I see
Cosmos The Fox 25 апр. 2016 в 21:56 
Ah, I see. For the most part one would just get kicked from the group and/or muted in the future depending on group permissions (kicking from a private group is like a ban if the group stays private). As far as my knowledge goes there isn't a traditional ban system in place.
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