Dr. Pawsworth
Please read my rules down below before adding me. Thank you.

Hello there. Welcome to my humble little profile.

I am a die-hard Dota/Gmod/whatever player, as well as a roleplayer, one that partakes in both ordinary plays, alongside the more erotic ordeals.

If my name didn't give it away, I am a signifigant furry. If you dislike this fact, please keep it to yourself.

It's extremely rare for me to send friend requests myself. So, if I somehow caught your interest and you want to be friends, add me yourself, please.

I simply adore Ōkami. :amaterasu:
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Adding Rules
Kindly take a look at these here rules if you intend to add me.

1: Please leave a reason as to why you're adding me. I don't like adding people at complete random, you see, and rarely accept those that don't provide any sort reason. Oh, and please, have a -proper- reason as to why you're adding me, not just because you need more friends or whatever.

2: Don't bother adding me if you have a nigh-blank profile, IE no comments, no description, etc.

3: Similarly, don't bother adding me if you have a private profile. You will always be rejected.

4: Never bother asking me for trades of any sort. I don't trade with anyone, under any circumstances.

That is all. Thank you for reading.
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