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September 5, 2012
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Wyoming: Nature

No matter where you are headed, Wyoming offers natural beauty at every corner, so make sure you have your camera on hand for that picture-perfect shot with your truck!

We look forward to sharing more development news about Wyoming in the future; and the beautiful landscapes and new road networks that will arrive with it. Until then, however, be sure to check out the official Wyoming Steam store page with early-development screenshots, and if you wish to support us, be sure to add Wyoming to your Steam Wishlist!

#CruisingIberia Extended
Morpheus May 16 @ 8:03pm 
Cascadia fog lights work with Eddie Yantz 'Fog Light for Truck Bumpers' mod, recently (post v1.40 update) released. All of Eddie's mods are very good.
Serenity83 May 13 @ 8:41pm 
Dev's writing here to report that I have been noticing for some time that the fog lights on the Cascadia bumpers all fog lights do not turn on. No F4 lighting option will turn them on either. I looked for a fog light key bind as a possible upgrade you may have offered and found none. Please repair or add the code for the Cascadia Fog lights it is a wonderful truck I enjoy very very much. Thank you
Morpheus May 13 @ 7:59pm 
-cont'd from below post, was too long to post together-
If at all possible, add the new trucks. Then use your highly worked on (thanks for that) now-in-game trucks into 'used' truck's, which is what they'd actually be by now. This would match real-world choices for newbie driver's to start their new career with, and this would expand the game if a used market is created.
If nothing new shows up, this sim becomes sim-less because it's full of antique's pretending to be new, and this sim will die because a new sim shows up with current trucks.
This would have to be a DLC to help recover some of the costs, but so be would be on my wishlist the second I see it!
Please SCS, I am, and will continue to be, committed to your creation. I don't want it to go away.
Morpheus May 13 @ 7:57pm 
Please SCS...The area this game needs to update is the equipment.
The 2022 Peterbilt 'New Model' 579 is matching/exceeding the 2022 T680 'Next Gen'...both currently available. All trucks have, and should expect to be, continually upgrading. All information is on each manufacturers websites. (and from which I've personally downloaded all the current brochures, and that are available to everyone, including SCS) for free.
I realise that licensing is required for showing what you show, but that's the price you have to pay if you want your business (sim) to stay in business. It has to be budgeted for, or die.
Right now, this sim is vulnerable to becoming obsolete, largely because we're paying 'new' prices for 5+ year old trucks. It's been great to see the new Daimler trucks being added with the Freightliner and Western Star's, but all brands need to match what's currently available.
lxp May 1 @ 7:03pm 
Hello, dear scs software, I'd like to make some suggestions for ETS2 and ATS:
1.ETS2 and ATS can add more spray paint decoration, ETS2 truck guide hood can be optional is the best.And the chassis update of ETS2.
2.I am particularly looking forward to the season system, there is a new light, I believe that the season system is not far away.
3. The lighting of the truck can be optimized, and the small lights of the truck (not warning lights) will not have any effect at night (especially on the side). It is best to add more colored lights (°u °). "
4. I am most looking forward to the truck modification bag of ATS. I hope to get out as soon as possible.
5. ETS2 and ATS can also make more trailers, add some trailer modifications, and Michelin and Goodyear tires can be used on trailers.
These are my suggestions. I hope ETS2 and ATS can do better and better. I hope you can adopt my suggestions. Pay attention to safety, look forward to your reply, thank you.
♠•$!β!RЯk•⁷⁷ Apr 17 @ 4:47am 
:deal_done: Hello , friends :retreat: Wellcom to my WOT :fcp_bear::honkhonk::victorypeacesign:
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