Rake in Grass rakeingrass
Rake in Grass rakeingrass
June 7, 2018
ABOUT Rake in Grass

Rake in Grass - Indie game team

Rake in Grass is an indie game developing team, creators of Jets'n'Guns, Rampage Knights and other games for Windows and Mac.
Jets'n'Guns 2 - update v1.02
UI and controls:
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the inventory from scrolling when using keyboard or gamepad.
  • Fixed some English and typos in the texts thanks to the kind contribution of our fans.
  • The game handles music correctly now, if the gamepad disconnects and the options menu pops up.
  • Fixed infinite bullet time when swapping loadouts with Time Compressor.
  • Loadout swapping no longer cancels overheat.
  • A hit to the shield or armor now plays sounds to better indicate that the ship was taking some damage.
  • Player no longer gets Pacifist after the destruction of the final boss.
  • Minor fix of levitating wrecked buildings in Water World level.
  • Fixed a problem with spamming the respawn button after one of the players dies.
  • For players with Jet Pack Rescue: when both the ship and the jetpack pilot are killed at the same time, the respawn no longer brings back a glitched ship.
  • Players in a co-op game now spawn correctly when one of them dies in the test range in the shop.
  • Improved final credits for co-op play. Player ships now have some offset and do not cover each other.
Known issues:
  • We still can not reproduce the problem with the immortal insectoid worm.
  • Counter of secrets dropping down is also a mystery so far.

Jets'n'Guns 2 1.01 - first quick patch
  • Fixed damage from items: Panic attack, Hellfire generator, Shell grenadier.
  • 2nd Class Conqueror medal is given on normal or higher difficulty, not just normal.
  • Several minor fixes on the final battleship. (Autotracking problems are still present, unfortunately.)
  • Hitchhiker in the Cloning lab should be counted properly.
  • Fixed "Ball of Steel" achievement.

We also opened a possibility for custom user translations. There's a new command "lang" in the console that can switch between different languages. If you are interested to change the language or add a translation you can check a page on our website for details:

We'll add more polished language option in the in-game menu, if people show interest in this feature.