Quake Champions Q:C
Quake Champions Q:C
June 21, 2016
ABOUT Quake Champions

Quake Champions

F2P MP Arena FPS online game.
Lineage: Quake III Arena & Quake Live.

Reminder: Quake Champions timeline is BEFORE Quake III Arena.

QC is a "Living" Quake game (updates, esports, etc)

Developer: id Software, LLC & Saber Interactive
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks, LLC

- Announced June 2016 (E3) - CGI debut trailer.
- QuakeCon Aug 2016 - game play trailer.
& show matches (alpha) - Quake Pros (& fans).
- PAX East (Mar 2017) - (beta) 5v5 TDM - general public.
- June 2017 (E3) - Open Beta! Show matches.

"Beta Testing":
April 2017 and May 2017 (weekends only) NDA applied
May 12, 2017 NDA lifted
June 11, 2017 Open To All (not just testers) 24/7)

"Early Access":
Aug 22, 2017; Steam and Bethesda Launcher
April 27, 2022; Steam only, Bethesda Launcher 'sunsetted'

"Full Launch":
Aug 18, 2022; Steam

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As of Spring 2022, the GAME UPDATES / PATCHES / CHANGELOGS are no longer posted as 'announcements'.
They are now posted in this section of 'discussions':

Entire History of All Game Updates Found Here (google docs)
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Winter 2021-22 Update Patch Notes (Dec 17, 2021; Feb 24, 2022)

Season 13 Battle Pass

This season's Battle Pass is the gift that keeps on giving, with tons of rewards for you to unlock including holiday-themed profile icons, nameplates, and vanity items!

New Vanity - ICE BEAM Lightning Gun

Give your enemies the cold shoulder with this new ice-themed Lightning Gun vanity, available in the Season 13 Battle Pass!

Clip courtesy of Aeron1te (Dec 2021)

New Map - Insomnia

I shall never sleep calmly again when I think of the horrors that lurk ceaselessly behind life in time and in space, and of those unhallowed blasphemies from elder stars which dream beneath the sea...

Your restless battle continues within the ancient stone walls of this cathedral-fortress to Volkerh, the Whispering One. This moonlit arena is available for Duel, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, and Clan Arena modes!

Clip courtesy of RAISY (Dec 2021)

Audio Settings

• Added Ambient Volume slider
• Added Announcer Volume slider
• Added a Champion Voice Volume slider (includes self, team, enemy VO and efforts)

Map Updates

Deep Embrace
• Updated collision at the top of the stairs near the Rocket Launcher
• Fixed a major collision issue at the Light Armor "death window"
• Fixed a hole in the geometry near the Mega Health
• Updated Collision throughout the map

Champion Updates

• Dual Wield now treats all weapons the same: increasing their firing rate by 1/3rd

• Changed ability duration from 6 seconds → 5 seconds, and increased delay between Punches from 500ms → 1s

• Forward acceleration 0.85 → 0.75

All Champions

• Unified movement Unified movement & knockback box sizes within weight classes to 0.8m, 0.9m, and 1.0m:

o Anarki 0.9 → 0.8
o BJ Blazkowicz 1.0 → 0.9
o Death Knight 1.0 → 0.9
o Doom Slayer 0.8 → 0.9
o Eisen 0.85 → 0.9
o Ranger 0.95 → 0.9
o Strogg 0.8 → 0.9
o Visor 1.0 → 0.9
o Clutch 1.2 → 1.0 (knockback only)
o Keel 0.9 → 1.0
o Sorlag 1.2 → 1.0 (knockback only)

• Unified standing and crouching view heights into three groups (light/medium, heavy, Anarki) as their previous values only slightly differed

Weapon Updates

• Reduced pellet count and increased damage per pellet (same max damage)
o Old: 20 pellets x 4 dmg = 80, SSG - 30 pellets x 4 dmg = 120
o New: 16 pellets x 5 dmg = 80, SSG - 24 pellets x 5 dmg = 120
• Falloff Distance: reduced pellet damage by 1 for every 9.6 meters (384u)

• The Nailgun splash radius now matches the Super Nailgun splash radius of 20u
• Both the Nailgun and Super Nailgun projectiles have been changed to 1800 ups instead of 2000 ups

Gameplay Fixes

Fixed the Respawn button not working during warmup
The match will now end immediately when the CTF mercy limit is triggered. (Instead of scheduling it in 3 seconds.) This resolves issues when hitting the mercy limit near the end of the round
Fixed Marauder Shotgun shells not vanishing in Ghostwalk
Fixed Shaft Lightning Gun glass not vanishing in Ghostwalk
Fixed Terminator Shotgun beam not vanishing in Ghostwalk

Sound Updates

• Fixed 5.1 and 7.1 Surround Sound options
• Fixed a large number of sounds cutting out
• Fixes sounds cutting out during/after Dual Wield
• Fixes a lot of cases for weapon shots cutting out
• Fixes a lot of cases of missing enemy sounds (steps, jumps, lands, etc)
• Fixed explosions cutting out
• Fixed range inconsistencies in champion movement sounds, now using 35m for all sounds (previously, some were 32, 35, 37.5)
• Fixed The Lurching King / Exile map loading loading music
• Normalized footstep volumes (some were too loud, some were too quiet; now they should be just right)
• Made pain sounds for teammates quieter
• Slighty increased the pitch of footsteps and jump sounds above you, and decreased the pitch of those below you
• Slight reduced the volume of occluded footsteps and jump sounds (helps with sounds through walls sounding like they are right next to you)
• Sound Mix - Slight decreased in third person champion voice, pain sounds, and death sounds volume

Bot Updates

Slight nerf for Lightning Gun & Super Nailgun aiming

UI Updates

• Ranked UI skip fix
• Fixed typos in Nyx and Doom Slayer game tips
• Fixed inconsistent choices between UK/US English spelling
• Fixed typo in the Marauder Shotgun description
• Fixed typo in QuakeCon 2021 Gauntlet description
• Fixed watermark code that was trying to drop the "-master-https" string
• Watermark now hidden if there is an active match
• Cleaned up watermark formatting, shortened unconnected state text


• Updated BDK integration
• Security Updates

Quake Champions Winter 2021-2022 Update

Posted today, Thursday, Feb 24, 2022, at the Bethesda Quake Champions News Portal Website by community manager, Andre ‘MortalEmperor’ Carlos.


Mid-Winter Update is now live, and brings a host of balance changes, tweaks, and bug fixes:

Map Updates

Deep Embrace

Fixed the collision issue near lower Light Armor
Added ability collision in the vista outside the power-up window


Fixed the collision at Heavy Machinegun Teleporter


New Duel item layout:
Railgun moved to Power-up Dungeon
Shotgun moved to Railgun Ledge
Dungeon Cooldowns moved up above where they are in TDM/FFA

Fixed Duel & TDM starting spawns, updated respawn locations

Fixed collision issue at Heavy Armor window above the jumppad (dire orb could go out of the map)

Fixed a visibility popping issue at lower archway near Super Nailgun

Disabled the commemorative 25th Anniversary banners in all maps except The Dark Zone

Champion Updates

Starting Armor Points increased from 75 -> 100


Reduced passive Forward Ground Acceleration from 0.75 to 0.5
Reduced Bullrush Ground Acceleration from 170 to 150
Reduced Interruption Speed from 240 ups to 200 ups; if a rushing Scalebearer is slowed below the interruption speed, the Bullrush will stop
Added a 200-320 ups damage range for Bullrush so that below 320 ups hits deal 25 dmg instead of 0 dmg (This is only during bullrush, still no passive damage below 400 ups)

Weapon Updates


Added a center pellet to both Shotguns (increasing both max damages by 5, to 85 & 125 max dmg)


Nails now do 10 & 15 damage instead of 12 & 20 (which is 100 & 150 DPS instead of 120 & 200 DPS) — BUT they are easier to hit with now. Nails are now 10u wide instead of 6.4u wide

Sound Updates

New Audio Hit Beep Options: ( OFF | DAMAGE DEALT | ADDITIVE )
Reduced elevated pitch range from |-6 steps to +8 steps| to |-4 steps to +4 steps|
Reduced elevation distance volume reduction from -5db to -3db at the max attenuation
Fixed landing & fall sound volumes & mix
Fixed Slash third-person crouchslide sounds after death
Increased the volume of the Strogg >25 hp pain sounds
Added four new Strogg VO lines (1 frag, 1 assist, 1 respawn, 1 low health)
Prevent change weapon sound events from playing from the corpses of dead players & bots
Increased Diablo SSG shot sounds by +2db
Increased global max sound events value
Made pain sounds for teammates quieter
Athena Ability VO:
Reduced the first-person VO occurrence from 90% of the time to only 50% of the time
Reduced the volume by -2db
Reduced the chance of the "Woohoo" VO from 10% to 5%
Fixed Localized VO for Athena, Death Knight, and Strogg medals: Air Assualt, Bombardment, Floor Is Lava, Psi Radar, Rope Trick, Smelter, Swinger, and Trident
Fixed Tribolt max sound instances

Bot Updates

Slight nerf to bots' nailgun skills
Ability usage improvements


Allow new unidentified hardware detections to be set to ultra/high instead of med/low
CTF - once again schedule end-of-game after the final capture, but now with a 1-second delay, instead of none or 3
UI – Decreased the length of the Ranking Up & Down animations
Fixed Anarki & Galena pink armor shaders
Fixed the texture quality for all Lore Vanity items (Scroll 10)
Fixed watermark code that was trying to drop the "-master-https" string
Fixed a typo in the weapon switch/railgun loading screen hint
Added a game tip about pain sounds to the loading screen hints


Anti-cheat updates

Winter 2021 PTS Changelog(s) (Nov 2021) (New Map – Insomnia - being textured, etc)
QuakeChampions Nov 8, 2023 @ 8:09pm 
Quake Pro League (QPL) Season 5 will, unfortunately, not be returning in 2024. Stay tuned for more information on Quake social media for individual LAN tournament events held instead - including QuakeCon 2024.

Quake official twitter announcement (Nov 07, 2023):
QuakeChampions Jan 24, 2023 @ 8:00pm 
Quake Pro League (QPL) Season 4; one “continuous stage” again; Starts Saturday, Jan 28, 2023 and runs through to Aug 2023 culminating in the Quake World Championship at QuakeCon 2023.

Bethesda News Portal Announcement:

Challengers (any player) sign-up and full schedule and brackets here:

QPL broadcasted live from PGL Studios

Tune in at:
QuakeChampions Feb 1, 2022 @ 7:04pm 
Quake Pro League Season 3; All One Stage Now; Starts Saturday, Feb 05, 2022 and runs through to Aug 2022 culminating in the Quake Champions World Championship at QuakeCon 2022.

Challengers (any player) sign-up and full schedule and brackets here:

QPL broadcasted live from PGL Studios

Tune in at:
QuakeChampions May 7, 2021 @ 8:07pm 
Quake Pro League Season 2; Stage 3 starts Sun, May 9, 2021.

Current QPL Pros, sign-up for Challengers, etc

Click here for updated world rank, weekly schedule:

Follow Quake on social media:
QuakeChampions Jan 8, 2021 @ 9:33pm 
Quake Pro League Season 2; Stage 2 upcoming schedule (starts Sun, Jan 10, 2021).

Current QPL Pros, sign-up for Challengers, etc:

Click here for updated world rank, weekly schedule: {LINK REMOVED}

Follow Quake on social media:
Instagram: {LINK REMOVED}
Facebook: {LINK REMOVED}
QuakeChampions Sep 2, 2020 @ 8:11pm 
Quake Pro League Stage 4 Wrap Up + Stage 1 (Season 2) upcoming (info & schedule):
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