lint   Texas, United States
I am lint from a Q3 freeze tag clan, Pills (2002 to present).

Find me on Discord:

QL: /connect

Quake Champions: 1int

A note about my workshop items:
My goal is to upload complete, high quality map conversions of Quake 3 maps. Why? Because I love Quake, Freeze Tag and the Quake Live community. I've been playing Quake since 2000, and I will likely still be here even after many have moved on.
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Close game, lots of thawing happening.
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^6Devil^2Doc^4.UFT Mar 3 @ 3:31pm 
you dont hear itr . he runs a stream channel and talks to them via chat and uses the same button he uses on the stream chat to talk in quak. That is why it is annoying.
^7(]^1[)^2cobra414 Mar 2 @ 1:06pm 
If I am on I will ban him
Ive never once heard his streaming music. That might be a new thing. I'll ask him not to. But just mute him.
^6Devil^2Doc^4.UFT Mar 1 @ 9:03pm 
Lint he is her most of the evenings he streams music as a host and types to them using the same type prompt he anoys everyone with his rambling while playing, he doesnt play at all.
Hey what do you suggest to do when people vote to kick someone for typing "barcode" with the same nonsense he has done for years? I told them to just mute him and vetoed the kick but they raged about it and were like he is disruptive and blah blah blah then told me to do my job and I told them it is not my job to kick every person who annoys you when you are too lazy to mute.
^7(]^1[)^2cobra414 Feb 12 @ 4:58am 
I have not seen you in a while my friend. I hope all is well with you and yours! :steamhappy: