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May 25, 2015
ABOUT Québec Games

More than just a simple game mode

Welcome to the Québec Games Official Steam Group!

ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ  ㅤㅤ━━━━━━━About Us━━━━━━━
Here on Québec Games we currently host 3 murder servers on Gmod!
These include: Québec Murder (French), Murderer’s Arena (English), and Doki Doki Murder (EU).
Our servers include csgo unboxing, achievements, quests, player of the week, x2 murderer’s, ranks, and much more customizable features!

Meet the Community and Learn About Us

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Important Things To Know

-ˋˏWe encourage a friendly environment and refuse to let out players be harassed. If you ever feel mistreated you can always contact staff or make a report in our discord. We’ll be more than happy to help out.

-ˋˏOur staff is always available and willing to help you out with any questions, comments, and concerns. Along with this our community is also very helpful and can answer questions too.

-ˋJoin our discord today and meet new people! We host giveaways and events as well!

-ˋˏHave suggestions? Don’t be afraid to tell us! We admire feedback and we want to make sure you have the best experience on the servers!

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News — June Update
User Profile
As introduced, we completely changed and revamped the profile section of the server, giving it a more appealing design and structure. The statistics section have been enhanced to keep track of more aspects of the game including kills, deaths, reputation and more! You will below find a more in depth list of changes brought to the user profile.

• Changed the overall design of the profile GUI;
• Added the ability to view other players' profile and achievement progression;
• Added the ability to give reputation points to other players;
• Added a bio field, allowing players to set themselves a public bio;
• Added achievement tracking to the profile;
• Added a save prompt upon closing the profile.

The reputation system is a completely new addition which allows players to give and receive reputation points. To do this, simply click anyone's name in the scoreboard, then on View Profile. From there, you may click on the little plus next to their reputation statistic to add up one reputation point to that player. Cooldown of 24 hours. Diamond donators give twice as much reputation points to other players instead. At this time there is no real benefit of having a higher amount of points, though features involving reputation may be implemented in the future.

Title Assignment
From this moment being, each player is able to set themselves a primary and secondary title that appear both in chat and in the user's profile. We've created a wide selection of over 300 unlockable primary and secondary titles to add variety and a new aspect of customization to the chat! This can be done at any time through your profile (F6 to open) under the Profile Options section.

All of the following emotes have been added.
  • howdy
  • kannapog
  • huggy
  • nyanuwu
  • kissy
  • karenheart
  • nyanlove
  • poigasm
  • stop
  • omegalul
  • kannasad
  • love
  • kannawhat
(Note: To use an emote, type one of the above words in chat. The : at the start and the end of each word are required.)

Player Models
All of the following player models have been added.
  • Megumin
  • Lady Hunk
  • Nia
  • Prinz Eugen
  • Rise Kujikawa
  • Igor
  • Akira Kurusu
  • Gahata Meiji
  • Noire
  • Noire (Pyjama)
  • Noire (Swimsuit)
  • Illustrious
  • Thanos
  • Renri Yamine
  • Mai Sakurajima
  • Mai Sakurajima (Bunny)
  • Pyra
  • Pyra (Swimsuit)
  • I-19
  • Chocola
  • Vanilla
  • Aoba
  • Gyakushinn Miko
  • Mythra
  • Mythra (Swimsuit)
(Note: Some of the skins listed above may require a Donator rank in order to buy them. Type !donate in chat for more information.)

General Changes
• Added new CS:GO skins for the Stiletto, Talon, Navaja and Ursus knives;
• Added profile titles in the Mystery Box;
• Fixed an issue that caused script errors in the console;
• Added 6 achievements;
• Added a new AWP crate (art by @Hungrydurp);
• Fixed an issue that caused Mythic rated items not to show properly in some crates;
• Fixed an issue that occasionally caused dropped guns to not require a reload when it should;
• Added a chat parser <fading=color,color2,rate>Text</fading>;
• Added a chat parser <flasha=color,color2,rate>Text</flasha>.

Thank you everyone, have fun! ^-^

News — Past Updates
Hey guys, and happy new month!
As you know we haven't announced much stuff on the Steam group as we actively use the discord instead so this will be a post to keep everyone updated, regrouping all updates we've released over the past months.

The Bow
The Bow is a new weapon that has been added, with respect to the Valentine’s day theme of February, and a new Medieval vibe for sheriffs to enjoy. The Bow may be unlocked by completing the Defender achievement.

Weekly Ranking
To add up to the competitive aspect of the server, it has been decided to implement a Weekly Ranking system. Each week, the player that has gained the most Experience Points will be awarded with the "Champion of the Week" rank for the duration of the week complete with XP, Points, and a shiny golden Crown next to their name! A new winner is selected every week. The rewards are as follows—

• 250,000 Experience
• 100,000 Points
• Mystery Box
• Champion of the Week Crown scoreboard icon*
*Expires after 7 days.

Note: Experience gained by completing achievements or weekly quests do not contribute to your weekly ranking.

Link Items to Chat
From this moment on, donators will gain the ability to turn their owned items into a chat message - show off their valuable items by sending a chat message. This can be done in two ways - open up the point shop (F3 or !shop), then click on any item in your inventory while holding Shift. This will copy that item's ID which you can paste in the chat box and send afterwards. Alternatively, having your chat opened while doing so will automatically put that item in your chat box instead. The message should look something like this:

As you are all aware, the alternate currency for Pointshop 2 Donator Points is no longer used since the 05/30/2018 update. As such, we decided to implement a new Pointshop currency known as Tokens. This currency is only obtainable from the Québec Games store and therefore we decided to make an In-Game store. This means that we've moved some of the packages that were already on the store into a new Pointshop category, such as the Shuffled Knives and Shuffled Guns crates. Points and Ranks, however, will remain on the website store and won't be affected by this update. To acquire Tokens, you MUST purchase them on our store at (again, they cannot be obtained by playing on the server).

Murderer Rage Quit
Ever experienced a round where the murderer(s) left instantly and the round ended just like that? We've worked on something to prevent this from happening in the future. In our current system, if all murderers leave the game or die before the grace period of 10 seconds has ended, a random bystander - without a weapon - will automatically be selected and become the new murderer for that round. If you are ever selected, a red message will pop up in your chat box. This will have no effect on the following achievements - Bloodlust, I am Useless and Kill Joy.

New Textures for Clue
As you may or may not know, we worked on the map mu_clue_v2 in the past month and have collected your painting suggestions. With that said, we changed a total of 49 paintings, using our community's ideas, and reworked some other textures! I'd like to thank everyone who submitted their idea(s), this significantly helped us out in the process. If you wish to revert back and stick to the old clue textures, they can be toggled at any time in User Profile.

New Achievements
Two new achievements are to be found and completed on the server with this update.

• Outlaw - Kill a staff member
• Chopped Up! - Using the Axe, kill 3 or more bystanders with a single throw

Nickname Submission
From this moment on, Gold donators and higher don't need to create a ticket on the website in order to submit their custom bystander names. This has been moved to the User Settings under the Custom Name tab and thus this process can now be done in-game!

Note: Due to this, all custom names already in place were removed as some of them were not meeting our standards and requirements. No worries though, every Gold and higher will be able to resubmit new nicknames for the server.

General Changes
• Standing next to a weapon now prompts the player to hold E, as an alternate way to pick up weapons (if applicable);
• Changed the chat font from Liberation Sans to Open Sans;
• Changed the murderer kill chat message to include the number of murderers left;
• Added the game 2048 to our servers! Play with the chat command !2048;
• Added a loading bar while holding F to switch from Ghosts to Spectators;
• Added a chat message on Weekly Ranking reset;
• Added a chat message containing the rewards for the Champion of the Week;
• Added a chat message upon completing a Daily or Weekly quest;
• Added new chat icons;
• Added the ability to remove your icon from the scoreboard (Silver and higher);
• Added the ability to purchase multiple crates at once;
• Added new death messages for the murderer;
• Added a RGB selector in Profile Settings;
• Added a new purchasable crate Golden Crate in the In-Game store;
• Fixed an issue with the Weekly Ranking window not refreshing properly;
• Fixed an issue with Pointshop 2 that occasionally made it impossible to sell an item or open a crate;
• Fixed an issue with Pointshop 2 that occasionally caused certain items to disappear from players' inventory;
• Fixed a potential script error in bodygroups;
• Fixed an issue that caused blood decals to be applied on the murderer's player model after stabbing a bystander.
• Fixed an issue that caused players to lose their bystander name while going in Ghost Mode;
• Fixed an issue with some level icons' colors;
• Fixed an issue that made it possible to skip an animation while reloading the Bow, therefore reloading quicker than usual.
• Removed server broadcasts from unboxing normal and common items to minimize spam.

crustimoneyproseedcake Nov 29, 2023 @ 2:49pm 
Ever since being kicked off the Pidgeon Gaming Murder server back in May, I have been sticking to playing Murderer's Arena.
TheBass Nov 2, 2023 @ 11:19am 
C'est surment le jeu le plus hard que j'ai joué
♡︎🐇🌷HugLife🌷🐇♡ Oct 15, 2023 @ 5:57am 
feel free to add me
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