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August 9, 2016
ABOUT Puzzle Lovers

Welcome to Puzzle Lovers! - Play Hard. Think Harder.

Puzzle Lovers is for people who enjoy working through games that rely less on reflexes, and more on using your cerebral cortex. It's a place to share game recommendations and offer different, creative solutions. From 1st-person puzzlers to point & click adventures, nonograms to sokoban, word games to number games, etc. It's all welcome here. Even games that do rely on reflexes.

Thanks for dropping by, look around and join if you like what you see. Here are some of the things we can offer.

Friendly discussions on the forum
- New to the group? Introduce yourself!
- Tell us what you've been playing, puzzler or otherwise.
- Open a thread for your favorite puzzle game.
- Ask for help if you get stuck.
- Post your puzzle-related creations in the Community Corner.
- Are you a developer or publisher? Please scroll down!

Brainrack, our weekly newsletter
- Check out the newsletter archives
- Posted every Monday as an announcement (morning US time, evening EU time)
- Puzzle game news (Steam or otherwise)
- New and upcoming releases on Steam
- Screenshot of the week
- Deals and bundles (Steam or otherwise)
- Giveaways (see below)
- Spotlight on lesser-known or forgotten games
- Community Corner pick (see above)

We have giveaways every week via SteamGifts (some are open, some only for group members) and special giveaway events during major Steam sales, the group's birthday, or whenever we feel like it (e.g. 'Advent in Advance', a month-long chain of daily giveaways in October). Details and links are in the current issue of the newsletter.

Our curator page
- Follow us for recommendations throughout the Steam store, often with detailed reviews.
- Browse 40+ lists for various themes and subgenres.
- Write a short review (max. 200 characters) about games not yet curated for our Group Member Recommendations list.

For developers and publishers
Feel free to open a thread on the forum for your games on Steam or elsewhere to facilitate discussion and gather feedback.

You can also add Dohi64 (admin) on Steam to discuss promotions (giveaways, content updates, upcoming releases to be mentioned in the newsletter, etc.)

Thanks for your attention, enjoy your stay and tell your friends!
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Cerebral Puzzle Showcase

Brainrack, Issue #159 (May 16, 2022)
New on the Curator
Ideally, every group member would follow our curator and vice versa, but until then here's what happened there since last time.

New curatees with full reviews:

New curatees with mini-reviews: None, so please let us know in the Curator Info thread if you'd like to write mini-reviews (max. 200 characters, positive or negative) for puzzlers that aren't curated by us yet. Examples and inspiration can be found on the Group Member Recommendations list.

Giveaway: Geometric Sniper: Blood in Paris + Bloxi
The giveaways are on SteamGifts, but no need to create an account, just visit the site and log in through Steam. Good luck!

Geometric Sniper: Blood in Paris[] is available for everybody, Bloxi: The Word Game[] only for group members, courtesy of the developers.

Puzzle Game News
Got your own puzzler, adventure, demo or some new content coming out on mobile or PC? Let us know in the forum or by adding Dohi64 on Steam.

May 19 is gonna be a red-letter day in the puzzle world. 9 short (30-90-min) puzzlers come out on the same day, available separately and as the CosmOS9 Bundle[] (no prices yet, which is unfortunate), and there's also gonna be a Cerebral Puzzle Showcase weekend event between May 19 and 23. Hopefully not only with limited-time demos and the usual discounts, but it's probably too much to ask for.

New content:
Machinika Museum (2 new machines)
Voxelgram (6 new dioramas with 60 puzzles)

New demo:
Dr. Kobushi's Labyrinthine Laboratory/ (arcade/puzzle, coming in 2022)

New and Upcoming Releases on Steam

Screenshot of the Week: Chinese Ink Painting Puzzle & Creator
Puzzler screenshots are mostly for providing hints or solutions, but they can still be beautiful, funny, or some other adjectives, so post yours in the Screenshots thread on the forum, include a caption if you want, and we might put it in one of the next issues. No spoilers, please!

CIPP&C is a unique jigsaw-like with an editor and workshop support.

Bundles and Freebies

Google Play Store:

Humble Bundle:

  • Way to Go[] is free and DRM-free, no Steam key.
  • The Donuts Call Bundle[] has Space Accident and some other stuff for $3.49 until May 25.
  • Check the main IG freebies page[] to see what games are still available. Or again, as they occasionally bring some back.

Deal of the Week: Kosmonavtes
There are 2 games, actually (Academy Escape is the other one), both new lows at 50% off. Not sure if there's any connection and if the mobile ports are good enough, but let's hope so. I picked up both and they shouldn't take long, so there might be reviews at some point (ideally this week, but probably not).

You can always check our curator for curated titles on sale (Specials on the front page is incomplete, click the Discounts tab for more), but here are our recommendations from Steam's week-long deals, as well as NEW historical lows in bold, curated or otherwise. Prices are in EUR, but numbers are often the same in USD, sadly. Powered by PuzzleBot-3000! (Thx, kertitorpe!)

About Love, Hate and the other ones (-80%, 1,39 EUR)
About Love, Hate And The Other Ones 2 (-45%, 4,94 EUR)
Akin (-47%, 0,42 EUR)
Angelo and Deemon: One Hell of a Quest (-69%, 2,32 EUR)
Another Sight - Definitive Edition (-70%, 5,99 EUR)
Attempt[42] (-47%, 0,42 EUR)
BasCatball Jupiter: Basketball & Cat (-30%, 1,67 EUR)
Cascade Cafe (-35%, 2,59 EUR)
The Darkside Detective (-65%, 4,02 EUR)
The Darkside Detective: A Fumble in the Dark (-30%, 8,04 EUR)
The Eye of Borrack (-70%, 0,71 EUR)
Hero of the Kingdom (-75%, 1,49 EUR)
The Inner World (-80%, 2,79 EUR)
Iconoclasts (-66%, 6,79 EUR)
Island Farmer - Jigsaw Puzzle (-30%, 1,11 EUR)
Jigsaw Pieces - Sweet Times (-50%, 4,49 EUR)
Jigsaw Pieces 2 - Shades of Mood (-50%, 4,49 EUR)
Jigsaw Pieces 3 - Fantasy (-50%, 4,49 EUR)
Jigsaw Puzzle - Animals (-15%, 0,67 EUR)
Knight Solitaire (-90%, 0,39 EUR)
logiCally (-25%, 2,46 EUR)
Mini Words: Polyglot (-30%, 1,11 EUR)
MouseCraft (-70%, 2,99 EUR)
Murder Mystery Machine (-35%, 12,99 EUR)
NUMTATE (-50%, 1,49 EUR)
Panqueca & Paoca: A Friendship Jigsaw (-30%, 1,11 EUR)
Plastris (-75%, 0,39 EUR)
Possession 1881 (-60%, 1,59 EUR)
Puzzle Car (-60%, 0,63 EUR)
Quell (-80%, 0,79 EUR)
Quell Memento (-80%, 0,79 EUR)
Quell Reflect (-80%, 0,79 EUR)
Royal Riddles (-90%, 0,39 EUR)
S-IN (-51%, 0,39 EUR)
Sacrificial Lighthouse (-30%, 5,17 EUR)
Shatris: Infinite Puzzles (-75%, 0,59 EUR)
Shisensho Solitaire (-51%, 0,39 EUR)
Sky Journey - Jigsaw Landscapes (-47%, 0,84 EUR)
The Station (-75%, 3,74 EUR)
TILTit (-20%, 0,63 EUR)
Voxelgram (-50%, 4,09 EUR)
WORDLAND (-30%, 1,11 EUR)
Yesterday (-80%, 0,99 EUR)

Spotlight: Harvester
Not to be confused with our Deal of the Week, which is just an especially good deal from the weeklies. Every week we'll pick a puzzler we really like and try to push it down everybody's throats. But with love because it's so good. Or highlight a lesser-known title that's unlikely to get curated. Comment below if you'd like to write about an undeservedly forgotten game for next time!

A cult classic point & click adventure from the good old days. It has it all: real actors (well, 'actors'), brief nudity, gore, touchy subjects, non-linearity, the ability to kill people and still reach your goal, or even die and not reach your goal at all. Of course, it was banned or censored in certain countries, but it was lifted in Germany only recently.

And much like Phantasmagoria 2, which I wrote about a few issues back, it also has some activity these days. The official Youtube channel had its last video a year ago, but there's a Facebook page[] with more up-to-date info, behind the scenes stuff, and even news that the full script is going to be released soon.

Community Corner: Calmie Dots
Show the world how good (or bad) you are at puzzle games by submitting your Workshop levels, guides, walkthroughs, mods, artwork inspired by a puzzler, or whatever, even if it's not a game curated by us, in this forum thread or below in the comments, to be featured here next time.

Guide for Calmie Dots by Na.

Wanna Help?
Here are a few quick & easy ways you can help us out. A little can go a long way, otherwise we'll never achieve world domination.
  • Feedback is important, so let us know what you like or don't like.
  • Follow our curator and get notified about new additions and reviews.
  • Tell your puzzle- and/or adventure-loving friends and your favorite developers about us.

Thanks for reading, spread the word, and see you next week!

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Puzzle Lovers reviews
"Minimalist, 1st or 3rd-person, point & click, escape room, nonogram, sokoban, jigsaw, mahjong, tetris, matching, hidden object, puzzle platformer, word, card and number games, etc. Check the lists for subgenres."
Here are a few recent reviews by Puzzle Lovers
lil meow Apr 27 @ 5:07pm 
feel free to add me :3 I love puzzles
Cluelesson Feb 2 @ 11:20am 
A warm welcome to you, Jim!
|ÅΩ|DigItJim|ΩÅ| Jan 22 @ 8:14pm 
G'day everyone just joined the group. :BC_Hello:
Saena Dec 10, 2021 @ 1:18am 
Thank you Dohi, I'll check it out. Can't wait for the xmas sale! Usually buy all my games during sales, inflation being what it is we all have to economise. But I'll have a look now and see what I'm gonna get.
Dohi64 Dec 9, 2021 @ 4:03am 
hey saena, welcome. check out our curator and the lists for subgenres or themes. we'll also have recommendations during the xmas sale, plus every week in the newsletter, and there are a bunch on the forums as well. I also prefer no timer, so not many curated games will have one.
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August 9, 2016