'I wish I could show you,
When you are lonely or in darkness,
The astonishing Light
Of your own Being!' - Hafez
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Even though I hit a couple of bugs / rough edges, I still enjoyed this game. I liked the atmosphere, the well crafted world, the characters, story and even the voice acting although there were a couple of bits of voice acting that weren't so good.

I got this game as part of the humble Bundle and I'm glad it was in there. It is a short game so you might want to wait for a sale and for a bit of polish to be added.

I honestly don't get why this game gets such low ratings, there are plenty of far far worse horror games that get much better ratings. I think it deserves a positive.

And it's had achievements added so I look forwards to playing the game again.
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Luke :D 21 hours ago 
Ecko Jun 26 @ 11:55am 
Your gamereviews are always a good read, thank you :steamthumbsup:
MrL0G1C Jun 25 @ 5:14am 
@ Sniok I'll only accept neutral or positive trades, please don't offer me trades that break my sets. So that's a no for Katamari Damacy REROLL.
Sniok Jun 25 @ 4:59am 
Hi, I wanted to do 1:1 for katamari cards, but your bot doesn't have the cards that I need. Do yourself do trades?
Mathus Jun 5 @ 4:39am 
Hello, it's good the videos of my Guide of Sizeable works again
Thank you for report the problem ! :steamhappy:
Rainer Ⓒ May 15 @ 2:05am