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No More Robots nomorerobots
July 15, 2017
ABOUT No More Robots

No More Robots

The video game label run by real people.


Descenders[] from RageSquid, the extreme downhill freeriding game with procedurally generated worlds.

Not Tonight[] by Panic Barn, a dark comedy RPG set in a dystopian, post-Brexit Britain.

Hypnospace Outlaw[] by
Tendershoot, Michael Lasch and ThatWhichIs Media, an alternate-reality '90s internet simulator.

Family Man[] by
Broken Bear Games, a Breaking Bad-esque RPG where your decisions decide whether you and your family sink or swim

Nowhere Prophet[] by
Sharkbomb Studios, a desperate pilgrimage roguelike with tactical, card-based combat
Steam Workshop support is coming to Descenders - Check it out LIVE!
Family Man Final Beta -- sign up now!
The Final Beta -- Signup Now!

Here's the link to signup for the Final Beta:

Once it's ready to go (which should be soon), we'll send you a Steam key via email. You can keep up to date with when exactly that is at the Family Man Discord, at

The Final Beta will contain a bunch of new content from the game, allowing you to see the sort of missions, people and extras that have been added.

So What's New With Family Man?

Oh, absolutely *tons*. There's way too much stuff to mention really, but here's a taster:
  • We reinvented time: Time now stops whenever you talk to people, or end buildings and special areas, allowing you to breathe a lot more
  • New characters: There are loads of new people to talk to (and do dirty deeds for). Check the video below to spot a few!
  • New areas: New locations to explore, and new shops and buildings to enter and interact with
  • New chores!: There are lots of new chores to do around the house! We all love chores
  • New jobs: There are new ways to make money, both legally and, well, not so legally
  • Mafia Missions: Bruce has new ways to give you missions, including calling you up on the phone. Be afraid!
  • Completely revamped combat: We changed the way combat works, as it was a bit rubbish before. You now lock on to the person you're brawling with, and have to watch how they move before deciding where to punch them. Pow!
  • More ways to affect the world: There are now lots of new ways to put your mark on the world. You'll be able to completely change the lives of the townspeople around you, in good (and bad) ways
  • Better interactions with your family: There are a ton of new ways to make your family happier (or otherwise)
  • Loads more stuff, but this list is getting a bit long now

Here's a new little video that teases lots of the new stuff in the game:

KD7 Aug 1 @ 11:29am 
hey guys, I create a bit better animation for your publisher page. I wrote you on email, but u didn't answer. upload preview here -

if you like it, I can upload background gif for u :grwheart:
TinyPixxels Jul 19 @ 6:41am 
FOSY - The Racoon Aug 2, 2018 @ 9:58am 
Descenders <3

Got my reallife Downhill outfit in it :D
t d o g Feb 20, 2018 @ 12:18am 
yagga yas eat my dust
Rhymin8 Feb 12, 2018 @ 5:52am 
thanks for this great game!
superevilcreeper Sep 23, 2017 @ 11:23am 
howdy doo
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July 15, 2017