September 21, 2013

Left 4 Dead Survival Community

Hello everybody
We are a bunch of friends who dont want to see L4D1 lose its popularity and therefore we have started a new community. Mostly we are focusing on the survival mode. We are keeping a record of highest survival times made in L4D1 and 2. The website also contains Videos, Guides, Downloads, Tactics, Hall of Fame, Forum, List of game servers etc etc.
We would really appreciate your contribution to the community in the form of your membership, or different kinds of activities on the website. Please help us grow!
EVERYBODY is welcome :D

About us

We try to unite all the players in one big community in association with other bigger survival groups:

This group works for community benefits and for not letting survival die =)
At first we were a L4D1 community, now we support the L4D2 world too :)


You can use our community EU servers or check site[] for other (also NA) servers. These servers in general are more stable and work more fluently than standard official servers.

L4D1 Community Survival Servers

Community Server #1:
Community Server #2:

Useful links:

L4D1 Hall of Fame []
L4D2 Hall of Fame []
L4D1 TOP5 Survival Times []
L4D2 TOP5 Survival Times []
Tactics/Guides []

Survival wiki by phoenix_advance []
L4Dwiki []
Some YouTube chanels
L4Dmaps (maps & plugins) []
Gamebanana (maps & plugins) []

Banishment rules
don't ruin the game for the others!

If something does not suit you, just say so in the chat! Don't just go hide and brood alone in the woods. Make the game as it's meant to be: cooperative. That's the reason why I added the vote announce plugin in the first place.

I am no pillar of this community by any means. I am not a sought-after player and that's fine with me; I am not good at L4D but do people have fun thanks to me? If yes, I'm all good. I'm just one guy who stepped up to take over the website, then the servers, so that the game lives on and fun can be had by others at my joyful, willing, consensual expense (so to speak) financially and in terms of time and effort. Even when homelessness looked me in the eyes, I kept at it.

I did not do that to have someone tramp my efforts and willingness to continue. And what happened early October did just that: my good will dwindled and I stayed away from my gaming computer for weeks.

My message to all current and possibly future members of this community:
don't f***ing go idle when the game has started.

I hate it and that's the exact reason why there's a "!forcepause" command!!!! In general, get what you want, but don't prevent others from getting what they want! Especially when it's exactly what you came for too and it happens to be shareable without your part diminishing!

If someone else wants to put up additional or alternate servers free from my dictatorial fits of anger, they are welcome to do so and I encourage them to do just that. That's the exact reason why I gave the account of what I did as well as the complete configuration files[] from the moment the servers were running half-decently.

No, I don't "unban". I'm lenient and tolerant, but certainly not forgiving. You don't get to do what you wish as if there were no tomorrow and when the next day shows up with a consequence you don't like, you try to revert time. "Sorry" does not cut it with me.

I'm at fault for not stating the rule(s) earlier. This mistake is now fixed[].

New plugins and new admins
  • Exact FF Damage Announcer (announces firendly fire damage)
  • L4D Vote Manager 2 (displays who started a vote)
  • L4D2 pause (pauses the game on the server and for all clients)

Consequently, a number of players have been added as admins. Read more[] on the website.

Big Bad Wolf Oct 21, 2018 @ 3:43pm 
stay at the top and use all the gas cans
GamingWithMe Sep 8, 2018 @ 5:30am 
Hello, i am new here. So does any one have gold medal on Lighthouse map (Last Stand) if so can u give any tips on how to survive for that long and maybe even help me with that.:health:
Ren89 Mar 4, 2017 @ 7:22am 
Daps[One] Oct 13, 2016 @ 3:54am 
✯Ĝ๏ą✞✯'ƦэŁĨq - go 1vs1? (suck my d*ck)
[RIP]deinemudda65 Mar 9, 2016 @ 6:26am 
why is the website not updated anymore? :/
JusT sLOW Jan 28, 2016 @ 12:42pm 
Hort i think that 4th server can be replaced with coop. We don't have all 4 server used usualy. What do you think ?
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September 21, 2013