September 21, 2013

Left 4 Dead Survival Community

Hello everybody
We are a bunch of friends who dont want to see L4D1 lose its popularity and therefore we have started a new community. Mostly we are focusing on the survival mode. We are keeping a record of highest survival times made in L4D1 and 2. The website also contains Videos, Guides, Downloads, Tactics, Hall of Fame, Forum, List of game servers etc etc.
We would really appreciate your contribution to the community in the form of your membership, or different kinds of activities on the website. Please help us grow!
EVERYBODY is welcome :D

About us

We try to unite all the players in one big community in association with other bigger survival groups:

This group works for community benefits and for not letting survival die =)
At first we were a L4D1 community, now we support the L4D2 world too :)


You can use our community EU servers or check site[] for other (also NA) servers. These servers in general are more stable and work more fluently than standard official servers.

L4D1 Community Survival Servers

Community Server #1:
Community Server #2:

Useful links:

L4D1 Hall of Fame []
L4D2 Hall of Fame []
L4D1 TOP5 Survival Times []
L4D2 TOP5 Survival Times []
Tactics/Guides []

Survival wiki by phoenix_advance []
L4Dwiki []
Some YouTube chanels
L4Dmaps (maps & plugins) []
Gamebanana (maps & plugins) []

L4D1 TOP5 Survival Times[]
L4D2 TOP5 Survival Times[]
Website back online
Future of the website
Where does that leave us?
In such cases, the solution is usually to use a newer server based on a newer operating system and it's end of story. However, here, the website uses a software package called PHP-Fusion. PHP-Fusion itself depends on another software package called PHP. And PHP-Fusion is not compatible with the newer versions of PHP that can be found on newer servers. PHPFusion cannot be upgraded, because of a lack of documentation, both from the original authors of PHP-Fusion, from their current online documentation, and from the past owners of the website. I have spent a lot of efforts and time on these incompatibilities and constraints back in 2018, to no avail.

Not all is lost though, I keep reflecting about all of this and I still have one last card to play. For the time being, I cannot even share a sentiment about whether that last card looks promising or not.

Is it worth it?
One legitimate question that may come to mind is whether it's worth it to try and keep the website running.

First, in terms of money, it costs me about 10 (ten) euros a year to own the domain name. The 3 (three) Community Servers cost 5 (five) euros a month, off of a different server that the one that runs the website. The server that runs the website runs my other websites so adds no cost there. All in all, the cost is rather insignificant.

Second, even though the traffic on the website is close to none, there was a reason why I volunteered to keep it alive. Don't ask me, I don't remember. And frankly, I don't think it's important. Yes, the traffic is low. Yes, the contents is old. Indeed, the record times are outdated since new times were not notified. But hey, not everything in life is easy. Is it? It's actually the contrary in my book. And we often need to exert ourselves for things to happen. I believe that this is one such case.

The is in jeopardy because the Internet Service Provider decided to shut down some services upon which the website depends. Standard ways of dealing with similar situations are unavailable to me despite my having spent tons of time trying to make one of those ways work. I still have one last bullet to shoot, but in case it does not work either, the website will be closed on April 30 this year.

Keep surviving!

GamingWithMe Sep 8, 2018 @ 5:30am 
Hello, i am new here. So does any one have gold medal on Lighthouse map (Last Stand) if so can u give any tips on how to survive for that long and maybe even help me with that.:health:
Daps[One] Oct 13, 2016 @ 3:54am 
✯Ĝ๏ą✞✯'ƦэŁĨq - go 1vs1? (suck my d*ck)
mudda Mar 9, 2016 @ 6:26am 
why is the website not updated anymore? :/
JusT sLOW Jan 28, 2016 @ 12:42pm 
Hort i think that 4th server can be replaced with coop. We don't have all 4 server used usualy. What do you think ?
hortenc Jan 3, 2016 @ 5:29am 
Well, I understand that these servers are thougth for survival, so I respect this and I create server for custom campaings (normaly with good ping for everyone).
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September 21, 2013