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Mordhau Bards Guild Bards Guild
May 19, 2019
ABOUT Mordhau Bards Guild

Join us on our Discord and Mordhau servers!

Guild news and announcements will be posted here but most of the action takes place on our Discord server, be sure to join us there!

The Bards Guild now has its own Mordhau server!
Find us in the server browser under:
Bards Guild Concert Hall
BotLord ScribeMaster is 1.1 today!
What Does BotLord ScribeMaster do?

Game Activity Tracking

BotLord ScribeMaster monitors when someone on the Discord server is playing a game supported by the Bards Guild, and assigns them a matching "Now Playing" role. You can now see at a glance how many guild members are in game, and you can even ping @Now Playing MORDHAU or @Now Playing Rust to try and get a band together with them on the spot!

MIDI Library Management
BotLord ScribeMaster monitors the MIDI workshop channels on the Bards Guild Discord server for new MIDI files, and adds them to the Bards Guild MIDI Library automatically.

MIDI File Visualizer

BotLord ScribeMaster creates a pianoroll PNG image visualizing every MIDI file in the Bards Guild MIDI Library.

LuteBot Playback Accuracy Score

BotLord ScribeMaster estimates how accurately a MIDI file will be represented when played with LuteBot in MORDHAU.

NEW! MIDI Library Search
You can now search the Bards Guild MIDI Library directly from the Bards Guild Discord Server with the help of BotLord ScribeMaster! Give it a try in any of the MIDI Workshop channels, the bot can be called in a number of different ways! Here are some examples:

$find touhou
$get pokemon
$lookup Van Halen
@BotLord ScribeMaster query Star Wars
@BotLord ScribeMaster search Super Mario

Bards Guild "Weekly" News, Vol 18: Where is Bardlord Edition
Pathfinder Game
I'm hosting a pathfinder game for the Bard's Guild! TBH any system works, it doesn't have to be Pathfinder. And I'm a new DM, I'd be happier if someone wants to DM, but I've got a lot of stuff written up and it's ready to get going.
PM me on Discord @D.Mentia#0614 if interested in joining, we'll see what we can schedule (I'll get you a spreadsheet to put in your availability). World information/house rules can be found here[]

Sesh's MC Server
Sesh is now hosting his own community Minecraft server; this server is his own and for his stream community, not necessarily the Bard's Guild, but if you go say hi to him on stream I'm sure he'll consider letting you join
Sesh streams regularly at and will be playing MC every Monday night

Lutebot Megathread
Mordhau took their forums down for a short time, including the Lutebot megathread, so we got quite a few new members who came to us looking for it. Nice.
The megathread appears to be back up so... that was short-lived. But they're stuck with us now, so do your best to make them feel welcome!

Future Development
We're still working hard on a few neat toys coming up; Bardlord's Discord bot (WIP) should be able to handle storing and cataloging our Guild Library, and LuteBot should then be able to allow users to search and download from it. There has also been discussion about fancy things with Machine Learning and maybe even having a bot compose songs for us ... but so far it's all just discussion and no action. But there's a lot of fun stuff for us to play with, eventually.
So, keep an eye out for any of these cool things showing up in the coming weeks/months. Or maybe never, who knows, we're still feeling things out and seeing what we can really do

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