Apocalyptic World Survival AWS Comm
Apocalyptic World Survival AWS Comm
November 5, 2016
United States 
ABOUT Apocalyptic World Survival

Apocalyptic World Survival (AWS)

Welcome to Apocalyptic World Survivalists (AWS). Where we try to survive in apocalyptic worlds such as 7 Days to Die, RUST, ARK: Survival Evolved; just to name a few. In the coming months servers for different games may be added to fulfil our gaming desires.

We are Affiliated with Detroit Zombie Survival (DZS).

7 Days to Die PVE Server rules are simple:
  • NO VANDALISM / DESTRUCTION of player bases
  • NO PVP- Exception being while taking part in an Arena Event.
  • LCB's are not allowed in Loot Areas SUCH as: Hospitals, Hardware, Gunstores, Bookstores. This list will change, see our announcement for details!
  • Players bases that Does Not Have A Land Claim Can be Taken by others, After 30 Days That You Do Not Sign In Consecutively (Real Life)
  • Banned and GBL

See our AWZS PvE 16 Announcement for changes.

Streamers and Youtubers, feel free to Stream and Record anytime. Your Host / Admin, Freakii79, streams and records Youtube videos on occasion and would gladly participate in a Multi-Stream / Record Session.

Please see the Announcement for server and admin details.

Thanks for joining AWS and Survive!
Alpha 17
AWZS PvE Alpha 16. Updated 5/31/2018
  1. Simple UI- this UI adds Thirst, Hunger, Player Level STATS, Elevation and Temps (World Temp and Body feels like).
  2. On Spawn server will display next BloodMoon
  3. Increased Stack Sizes
  4. Stews return Hydration
  5. /bloodmoon- This game chat command allows you to see when the next blood moon will be.
  6. /sethome /sethome2- This game chat command allows you to set a home as a teleport location. This will also overwrite your current home location. You are allowed 2 home locations.
  7. /home /home2- This game chat command will teleport you to your /sethome location.
  8. /delhome /delhome2- This game chat command will delete the specified home or home2 location.
  9. Added No Timers Perk under the "Skills" tab for those that are Interested. Shows 3 levels, you only need to purchase level 1 for this to work!
  10. Teleports- You can now set Teleport (max. of 20) locations throughout the map for ease of journey. Teleports have a cooldown of 5 mins. Use the following chat commands:
    • $settele NameOfDestination
    • $tele NameOfDestination
    • $removetele NameOfDestination
    • $listtele
    • $renametele OldNameOfDestination NewNameOfDestination
    Making Public Teleports or switching your created teleport locations between Public and Private are NOW available use the following commands:
    • $listtele public
    • $telepublic NameOfDestination
    • $teleprivate NameOfDestination
  11. /help- This game chat command will display basic rules, chat commands, and contact information for group.
  12. /report YourMessageHere- This game chat command will send a message to Admins currently online. When no Admins are online be sure to message Freakii via Discord or Steam to advise a report has been generated, the report will be saved for review.
  13. $calladmin YourMessageHere- This game chat command will send a message to Admins currently online. This sends notification through Discord that an issue is being report, please be detailed.
  14. /voice- This game chat command will display info to our Discord Server.
  15. /admin- This game chat command will display names of Admins or Moderators in Game, if any.
  16. /safe- This game chat command will teleport the user to an Admin designated, safe house. This safe house is protected in the same way as a trader is, therefore, you are not allowed to place chests, doors, bedrolls.
  17. /arena- This game chat command will teleport you to our Arena. Be Advised that arena events are scheduled by contacting Freakii or Edhinson76.

If you have teleport locations using old format /tele .. please change those locations to use the new format of $settele
Report All BUGS and ERROR you find in game, to an admin, or on our group discussions page; so that I can contribute those to the 7DTD forums.

Land Claim Blocks (LCB) rules.
There are only a few places that we DO NOT, under any circumstances allow LCB's to be placed. Reason for this is to allow ALL players ability to scavenge. This list is not all inclusive:
  1. Gunstores
  2. Hardware shops
  3. Bookstores
  4. Hospital (popNpills)
  5. Military bases
  6. Prisons
  7. Nuclear Power Plants
  8. Shamway

If you place your LCB somewhere it should NOT be, we WILL remove it. This serves as your first and only warning. We know some players want to build using a prefab however, we need to keep in mind that blocking loot access is PvP in nature, therefore does not belong on a PvE server. When in doubt check with the admin ..

Freakii :munchies:

freakii79 Nov 20, 2017 @ 2:36am 
update posted in Announcements: "AWZS PvE Alpha 16"
freakii79 Nov 17, 2017 @ 2:34am 
Hello ZombAe Kitty.. our server connection details are listed in Annoucements section of group..
- or - port 21523
ZombAe Kitty :] Nov 16, 2017 @ 5:29am 
how do i join the server i see no IP and when i type in the name of it i get nothing
freakii79 Nov 7, 2017 @ 8:46pm 
hey everyone just a friendly reminder, if you encounter any issues on the server please let me know. I understand not eveyone experiences the same problems. every report is investigated. Thanks for gaming with AWS
freakii79 Jul 13, 2017 @ 8:55am 
Yes there will be a WIPE.. I am working on getting the server up and running.. Soon as its up I will update the Alpha 16 Announcement.
friendly neighborhood Jul 13, 2017 @ 8:51am 
Doing a map wipe with stable release correct?
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November 5, 2016
United States