Vertigo Gaming Core VGCore
Vertigo Gaming Core VGCore
November 19, 2012
ABOUT Vertigo Gaming Core

That Place Called Vertigo, and its everything you wish you did know!

Welcome to Vertigo Gaming, we are glad to see you have decided to join our group and taken steps to become part of our wonderful small and hopefully down the road larger community, as we start off and hopefully continue to grow we except that all members treat each other as equals and as friends.

A community cannot exist without community members and we deeply believe that the quality of people make up the community's quality, not the numbers or the amount of servers, any half wit can run a group of servers and have them filled with players if they have the right tools, but here our tools are the voices of the individuals that populate our servers, everything starts with you!

Mission Statement

We will do our best to ensure that everyone feels welcomed from all walks of life and styles, whether you're Male, Female, Gay, Bi, Lesbian, Transgender, Furry, Brony, Young, Old, working or not, heavy gamer, recreational player, we will welcome you no matter what, should you ever feel that we are not providing the best for anyone of you please let us know immediately so we can correct or work towards bridging gaps and address all concerns.


When it comes to rules any community should have them, we do have our individual rules based on the game servers we operate, if you're looking for minor rules pertaining to those games you can view them in their appropriate sections, as for Major Community Rules they are as follows;

-Harassment of any Kind will not be tolerated here, that includes...
Discrimination Based on

This also includes past dealings with individuals, just because you have an issue with them does not mean we do.

-This is a Drama free zone, we understand life can be rough and online life can to
Drama includes
Previous encounters with other community members
Family and Social Problems
Current Life problems
Starting a flame war
Causing intentional drama between members of the community

-Griefing is a huge problem anywhere even at the work place
Griefing includes
Using exploits
Purposely targeting individual players to bring them grief, whether its trying to destroy a house in minecraft, breaking a barricade in ZPS all of it will not be tolerated, or Ghosting in any Gmod game.

All of this is enforced to a fine point to carry out our Mission Statement and as such all these things could not only result in a ban from the forums but a ban via IP and STEAM ID from our entire server network, Tread lightly and remember that Respect is earned and not given, we do not trust or put faith in players just because they've been around longer.

- Vertigo Gaming Staff
News from Vertigo Gaming!
Downtime on 6/20 @ 2:30am!
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lolo4dee Jul 25, 2017 @ 10:35am 
attack helicopter
X-=H( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)_
Silence May 21, 2016 @ 10:48am 
I'd like to thank VG for all their efforts in keeping Lakes alive.

After =DiG= left, no one really kept up with the Lake maps or Lake players except VG. Through their efforts, feedback, and dedication they not only helped me to fix the Lake maps, but preserved Lakes play as a whole, something that some other communities had absolutely no interest in whatsoever. While other egotistical persons of ill-repute would sully the maps by "rebranding" them in their own image and make them more "suitable" to their style of play, VG kept true to the Lakes playstyle and took the high road by keeping all historic markings, images, and credits in the maps, showing both maturity and respect to those who came before.
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