Civilization No Quitters NQCiv
Civilization No Quitters NQCiv
February 3, 2014
ABOUT Civilization No Quitters


Games are played for fun, and everybody should communicate to each other in a friendly and mature manner, Civilization multiplayer is a very emotional and fun game, and things will not always go your way; take it as a tribute to your skill when people gang up on you!

How to join the group
  • READ THE RULES. Request an Invite, read rules in full and Unprivate your profile

General game rules
  • No leaving a game, unless
    • You lost your capital city

    • All players agree your civ is irrelevant to the development of the game

    • All players agree the game is over

    • Real life issue comes up (frequent users of this rule will be monitored)

  • Only play when you have enough time, six man games usually last more than 6-7hours

  • Any use of Exploits will get you banned.

  • If the game crashes, ALWAYS meet in chat for a reload.

  • If a game is experiencing technical problems (for example: spikes to 1000+ ms, multiple resyncs within less than 10 turns, players dropping repeatedly or multiple crashes) the game can be scrapped for technical reasons. This is the ONLY time a scrap vote can be decided on a majority basis. Players should ALWAYS try to fix these problems first (resetting router, resteaming, switching to a different host if one is available). A single crash or resync is NOT a reason for a technical scrap.

  • If a player disconnects from chat all players must wait at least 10 minutes for them to return. If the player does not return a majority vote should be taken to determine whether the game should be continued. The exception is if a player does not return, and the game is at turn 30 or earlier. In this case a unanimous vote is required to continue.
Diplomacy and World Council
  • Trading with other players is allowed - NO Gifting of resources/gold that gives you no logical benefit in the game (e.g. gifting all your gold and offering free lux deals before you die).

  • All interaction apart from war with AI is forbidden (No abusing AI during war to level up units). No diplomats in AI capitals for extra votes if you are attempting a diplomatic/Culture victory.

  • No city trading with players except in peace dealings.

  • Shift-moves are not allowed.

General code of Conduct:
  • All players should be respectful and display good sportsmanship, abusive players will be kicked.

  • During Reload, moving before HJ is not allowed

  • Should a player in your game stream DO NOT watch his/her stream for fairness! It will result in a warning/ban

  • Collusion or predetermined team play is not allowed.
  • Playing not to win to help another player win is teaming

    Full Group Rules (READ THEM)
v12.4 of NQMod Released
Quick Guide to Map/Mod Swapping
This is the Basic Premise of swapping Maps and Mods In and Out
It is pretty much exactly the same for the Mod versions, be it v12.2 / v12.3 or Lekmod - Only this time you would be in the DLC folder in Assests and moving one folder out and one folder in, depending on what version you play.

If you require any further help with this, please contact myself or another Admin/Moderator and we will try to help if not busy

This will be posted on the discussion board as well

Links to Useful Files and Folders;

V18 of the Hellblazers Map -

Link to multiple other resources you may require (v18 / v22 Map Pack / Current NQ Mod / Current LekMod Version)

Imperator Jan 1, 2015 @ 3:52am 
Happy New Year Everybody!
Athanas (Herf) Dec 30, 2014 @ 12:47pm 
Heya guys, new member here. I hope to be able to play some fun games with you all eventually! With Christmas just ending, I got a backlog of games to play now, but I always make room for some civ action. Been playing civ since Civ2 on the ps1 and have loved it since!
olmamont Dec 25, 2014 @ 10:49am 
Hi everyone! I just downloaded Civ V and joined the ladder. I guess competitive MP action for Civ is kind of low? Back in 2006 when I played Civ IV there used to be a lot of tournaments called CCC but I guess they are gone now? My nick then was ICBM if anyone from those days is still around. It'd be nice if there were some ladder action on the weekends once I get to know the game :)
NQ Jerry Dec 17, 2014 @ 3:55pm 
BNW is back, enjoy your favorite game...
DK Berseker Nov 27, 2014 @ 4:26pm 
hey add me to play *-*
Champy Oct 7, 2014 @ 8:39am 
2000 Members Milestone! YAY!
Enter chat room
February 3, 2014