Dispenz0r's Fun Server DispFunServ
Dispenz0r's Fun Server DispFunServ
October 13, 2012
ABOUT Dispenz0r's Fun Server

Fun Time

Hello and welcome to Dispenz0r's Fun Server Steam group, please join us if you like playing on our servers and would like to see server changes!

We bring the fun to you!

Dispenz0r's Fun Server (DFS) is a TF2 server community that hosts fun, competitive and custom gamemode maps with unique plugins you haven't seen before!

Both servers have fun and competitive maps, custom fun maps have the allowance system enabled, which makes players take no damage unless the player allows the attacker to deal damage to them. In these maps you can chill around and have fun with your buddies, we also have a lot of custom plugins and models to provide a fun and enjoyable experience!

We also have competitive maps, these have the allowance system disabled so it's an all out battle between teams! But of course you can still always toggle friendly mode on yourself if you would prefer not to fight.

We have gamemode maps as well, currently our servers run these custom gamemodes in them: Deathrun, Dodgeball, Prophunt, Stop That Tank!, Slender Fortress, Surf and MicroTF2!

We also have a unique DFS account system with various items, pets, a leveling system and a lot of different stuff which make our servers more fun than ever!

Feel free to visit our website here![]

Check out DFS boards, a nice place for our players to hang out! You can also suggest new things, report players or make ban appeals there as well![]

Here is a quick guide to get started with DFS![]

Please read our server rules before getting started[]

Useful information and commands can be found here[]

Click here to connect to DFS EU server![]

Click here to connect to DFS USA server![]

If you want to support us, please donate to us by clicking here![]
Donations are very much appreciated and will help us make new and better stuff for the servers, you will also be given special rank(s) in return as a token of our appreciation!

[DFS] is our tag, please use it if you wish to show your support for DFS!

The servers are under maintenance for a few hours once every week and are also restarted at least one time per day.

We have 2 servers, both are online 24/7 and have a FastDL system
One is hosted in USA (Ashburn, VA) and the other is located in UK (London)

Use these commands in console to connect to the servers manually
  • connect to join the 1st server (Hosted in EU)
  • connect to join the 2nd server (Hosted in USA)
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A Very Important Message Regarding Donations

Leo Foxx Apr 22 @ 3:20am 
hi guys
Beckaroni Apr 18 @ 3:23am 
Thank you! I'll try to catch up with others when I can. I have a horribly different timezone due to being in Asia. D:
Hades [DFS] Apr 18 @ 2:55am 
depending on the time zones i suppose, usually in the weekdays. EU is filled near the 5-6PM. USA is either filled when EU peeps are asleep or when EU is offline.
Beckaroni Apr 18 @ 2:49am 
Are people still playing on dispenz0r's server? If yes, what time do they usually come online in GMT+7? I remembered playing here since 2016. I wanna join back the old fun I had again!
Jasper★ Apr 17 @ 6:52am 
You started playing yesterday and now you want to become a moderator?
Hades [DFS] Apr 17 @ 6:29am 
Mods are chosen through mod applications. They are currently closed, if you wish to become a mod you can apply once they are open.
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October 13, 2012