Dispenz0r's Fun Server
Dispenz0r's Fun Server
October 13, 2012
ABOUT Dispenz0r's Fun Server

Not Selling Sofas since 2012

Welcome to Dispenz0r's Fun Server, hosting custom content, fun gamemodes and a great community since 2012
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Dispenz0r's Fun Server is a Team Fortress 2 community server featuring a wide range of exclusive content, gamemodes, maps, plugins and more that is sure to show you a fun time and keep you coming back for more!

There's something for everyone at DFS, whether you prefer to mess around in friendly maps with buddies, duke it out in TF2's vanilla modes with custom maps or...

Mix things up with our variety of fun custom gamemodes! DFS features:
  • Tension and horror in Slender Fortress!
  • Intense one vs all action in Versus Saxton Hale!
  • Fight against hordes of the undead in Super Zombie Fortress!
  • Frantic minigame craziness in MicroTF2!
  • Platforming, pitfalls and perilous traps in Deathrun!
  • High-speed rocket tennis in Dodgeball!
  • Skillful speediness and fighting in Combat Surf!
  • A MvM twist on Payload in Stop That Tank!
  • Stealth and sneakiness in PropHunt!
  • Randomizer
  • Instagib
  • Creative construction and crazed destructions in FortWars!
  • Tricky transparent sniping in Glass Attack!
  • Perfectly equal class combat in Class Warfare!
  • High-flying combat in Smash Fortress!
  • Creative constructing in DFS Sandbox!

What's more, we also have an unique economy of custom items, cosmetic effects, pets and a whole host of special plugins that make DFS as fun and wacky as it can be, including some awesome exclusive maps and plugins that you won't find anywhere else!

Earn Credits, Experience Points and level up as you play to unlock our array of custom items, pets and cosmetic effects, take on tricky Quests and challenge our seasonal Campaigns for special rewards!

DFS hosts 2 servers that are online 24/7, with fast downloads allowing you to hop in easily!
Use the "connect [IP]" command in the console with their IPs to join, or use the IPs to add the servers to your favorites!
  • DFS EU - London, UK:
  • DFS USA - Ashburn, USA:

Check out important info, your profile, stats and tons more at!

If you'd like to support us and help us keep the lights on so we can keep delivering even exclusive content, while getting yourself some exclusive perks and rewards, please check out!

Join our Discord server to hang out with the community at!

Check out our Forums at to make suggestions, report badly behaving players, apply for staff positions and more!

We hope to see you in the DFS servers soon!
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DFS: Now and Beyond
  • Memberships will be changing and membership prices will be decreasing to allow more people to enjoy the perks of Gold and Platinum for supporting us
  • New perks will be added for donors to ensure the donor ranks remain worthwhile
    • We'll be working on adding awesome new plugins/commands for donators to use, a fine upcoming example of this will be being able to ride and fly an Arwing around the map freely just like in Star Fox!
    • EXP boosts depending on amount donated/milestone reached
    • We're also looking forward to adding more bigger bonuses and features to donators, we're working to make sure donors are enjoying their time in the servers and that their donations feel worthwhile as much as possible. We'll keep the details a surprise to be revealed in the future!
  • Some donor-exclusive perks will be made available for all players, and some Platinum perks will be made available to Gold players to make the fun of DFS feel hopefully less restrictive.
  • No more time-restricted items or perks:
    • We're working on a new chat based DFS system that will allow all users to set their custom tags and chat colors at will anytime they'd like
    • Donation deal-exclusive content such as pets and more are going to be added to the Shop and drop system, allowing all users to be able to obtain them without donation or time restrictions
  • We're hoping to add a donation goal bar on in the future that will allow players to see what donations are going towards

Donations are used to pay for high-end server machines, webserver machine and developer commissions/payments to allow for creation of new content/updates and all sorts of new additions for DFS.
Your support truly means a lot for us, if you'd like to support us please consider donating to us at!

Now to server related changes & additions:

Sandbox will finally be going out of Beta!
Thanks to your feedback, plenty of improvements and new features are coming to Sandbox! We'll be able to share more information soon, but rest assured we're taking on board your feedback.
A couple of the biggest changes are aimed at players having limited resources to build with and the placement of props being too clunky to work with:
  • A Physgun is being added to make moving and placing props much easier
  • New building materials and props are being added
  • And much more to be revealed in the future
We'll be able to share more detailed information as DFS Sandbox develops further but we hope the changes so far sound promising to you!

Next, let's take a look at DFS' maps and gamemodes. We've seen that friendly maps are still played much less often than other gamemodes, due to them not being as enjoyable for some players. We're hoping the improvements to Sandbox and other upcoming changes that we'll share more information on soon can help remedy that and help more people find fun in friendly maps!

We're also happy that our new Ultimate Map Chooser plugin has been well received for the most part, but not being able to nominate gamemodes and maps has received common critique from a lot of players which we're aiming to address soon. We're also reviewing how we curate our map pool, bringing new additions to it and changing up how we remove maps from it.
  • Nominations will be integrated into the Ultimate Map Chooser, giving some more control back to players to choose what gets played
    • All players will be able to nominate gamemodes and maps anytime before the vote begins
    • Certain gamemodes will not be selected for map votes or available for nomination until a minimum number of players is reached in order to avoid situations where gamemodes are picked without enough players.
    • Nominations will be subject to gamemode and map cooldowns in order to prevent excessive repetition of modes/maps
  • We're planning on adding a lot of new maps to DFS to allow for even more map variety and less of the same maps being played over and over again.
  • We're also working on making it so voteable sub-gamemodes on Competitive maps are more appealing as a choice.
  • Cooldowns for individual maps will be added to the Ultimate Map Chooser, aiming to encourage more diversity in maps played for each gamemode
  • We feel that map removal polls have historically targeted overplayed maps due to players being tired of them. With these measures to promote variety in maps played, we'll be suspending map removal polls, and you can expect to see some old favorites returning to the map pool.

And this is only the beginning!
We hope you all look forward to these upcoming improvements, we have so many more changes, new content and additions that we're keeping under wraps for now coming in 2021!

Unfortunately I haven't been too active in DFS as of late, priorities and work aside some of you may be aware that my personal health hasn't been doing too well as of a while, worry not as I've been thankfully doing much better now and should be able to continue supporting DFS.
I'm happy to be able to contribute to DFS once again and will try to do my best. As long as all of you guys are still sticking with us we'll do what we can to continue supporting this community as much as possible.
Thank you for still being with us, we can assure you DFS is not going anywhere as long as you guys are still around.

If you happen to have any suggestions for DFS updates, feedback/criticism or bug reports of any kind we'd love to hear it out anytime on our GitHub page[] as it greatly helps us out with improving the servers!
We're also rewarding users who contribute a badge of honor and a community crate as a token of our appreciation for helping us out!

We are also looking to welcome fresh faces into our staff team, if you've ever been interested in applying to become a part of the DFS staff team: You can apply to be a Server Moderator, a Developer or a Discord Moderator anytime you like by creating a thread at!

Did you know we also host a Discord server for our community to hang around and shitpost in? We host giveaways and events in our Discord server often as well.
Feel free to join us through if interested! We're currently hosting a free Gold and Platinum Voucher giveaway that you can take a part in pretty easily!

We're still going to be around to make sure DFS improves more, there are still problems and DFS is definitely not perfect but I guarantee we are looking to resolve any issues and improve our servers as much as we can. It's all thanks to the support of our entire community that we're still able to continue on.

Thank you once again for being a part of this community and still sticking with us. DFS started as a fun project/hobby of mine, and I am so glad that we were able to gather such a big community and capture so many fun moments and memories together.

Here is to hoping for many more years and memories in DFS, I hope you enjoy your time in the servers as always!


The Season of Giving is upon us!
New Donation Gifts
We're temporarily giving away extra gifts to those who are generous enough to donate and support our cause to keep DFS up and going whilst bringing in new goodies as well as content to the servers for players to enjoy!

Starting now and for 3 weeks only, donating to DFS will have you receive the following gifts:
  • A Platinum/Gold Voucher
  • The DFS Xmas Tree or 10,000 credits
  • A custom tag as well as custom tag and chat colors of your choice in both servers

Click here to visit the DFS donation page, your support means a lot for us![]

New Events
== Christmas Present ==
Login at least once during the Christmas Event duration to earn a Christmas Gift Box!
The contents of the Gift Box are determined by your DFS Level. Only one Gift Box is distributed per player.

== The Christmas Gift Grab ==
Login every day to earn a new reward for 14 days!
[This event starts on the 24th December and lasts 3 weeks]

== Season of Giving & Receiving ==
The month of Sharing is upon us and what better time to share with others?
Use Mystery Gifts to give to others, while also earning yourself rewards! The more you give, the more you receive!
[This event starts on the 24th December and lasts 2 weeks]

New Winter Unusual Effects for Pets
As with every Christmas Event, pets obtained from Pods have special winter-themed effects to them!
To add more variety to it, we've updated the list of obtainable winter effects with 10 brand new effects!

New Map Rotation for Winter-themed Maps
To get everyone into the festive spirit, we're adding a sleigh-full of wintry maps into the map rotation!
From official Christmas maps to snowy community maps, a White Christmas is coming!
Yes, this also includes Wutville:
  • cp_coldfront
  • cp_snowplow
  • ctf_snowfall_event
  • koth_viaduct
  • pd_snowville_event
  • pl_barnblitz
  • pl_pier
  • pl_snowycoast
  • pl_wutville_event (Replaced with our old version)

Winter & Mystery Gifts return
It wouldn't be Christmas if there weren't gifts involved.
For the duration of the Christmas Event you can earn Winter Gifts from Quests!
In addition, Mystery Gifts are now appearing on Stadium for you to find and share!
These can be collected by everyone, so help your fellow players find them and spread the generosity!

Other Server Changes
In addition, we've been working on some overall Quality of Life changes for several aspects of the server:

Deathrun Changes
Updated Deathrun weapon attributes:
  • Hopefully fixed some issues with weapons that give movement speed bonus when active

  • Removed active speed boost attribute because DR is weird and Scout randomly runs at 320hu/s or 400hu/s
  • Increased damage bonus from 15% to 20%

    Disciplinary Action:
  • Added 50% fire rate penalty

  • Nerfed damage bonus from 300% to 100%
  • Dmg penalty to players changed to match that of the OG homewrecker
  • Dmg bonus to buildings changed for the same reason
  • Added a 5% move speed penalty

  • Fixed a bug where your health would be eaten away when switching weapons

    Back Scratcher:
  • Added a 50% fire rate penalty due to speed buff on teammate hit attribute
  • Added a 25% damage penalty
  • Added a 15% move speed penalty

  • Cloak duration rate reduced from 25% to 20%

    Conniver's Kunai:
  • Max health penalty changed back from 75 to 55
  • Reduced active speed boost from 10% to 5%

Map Fixes
  • Round start trigger_push speed increased from 500 to 750, fixed push direction a bit
  • Reworked one of the screamer traps: Reduced sound volume, replaced epileptic images with lots of blood
  • Time left before round end is now announced by the announcer

  • Round start trigger_push speed increased from 500 to 750
  • Added a melee filter to the runner sacrifice button (ranged weapons were able to bypass the trap before)

  • Removed broken invisible latches from the tunnel

  • Added more ice to the frozen water to fix a broken spot

TF2Projectiles & Building Hats Additions

Added 10 new projectile models:
  • Birthday Gift
  • Holiday Gift
  • Banana
  • Duck
  • Dove
  • Macaw Parrot
  • Frog
  • Handy Thing
  • Soda Can
  • Monitor

Added 16 new building hats:
  • Frontline Field Recorder
  • A Well Wrapped Hat
  • Manniversary Paper Hat
  • All Hallows Hatte
  • info_player_start
  • Hong Kong Cone
  • Team Captain
  • Finder's Fee
  • The Cotton Head
  • Hat With No Name
  • Cone
  • Mann Co Cap
  • Mann Co Online Cap
  • Sydney Straw Boat
  • Fruit Shoot (Dangerous style)
  • Provisions Cap

Membership Voucher Giveaway
The gift-giving doesn't stop outside of TF2, as we're giving away free multiple Gold and Platinum Membership Vouchers in our Discord Server[]!
In addition, our Discord Server keeps you up-to-date with our newest updates & news around the clock.

Our Christmas Event lasts until the 13th January!

As for the huge update that is in the works, you can expect it to hit in early 2021.
This update will be more centered towards the non-competitive aspects of our server!
Stay tuned! And as with every year...

We wish you all a merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

- The DFS Staff

Dolphin1012 Apr 18 @ 6:06am 
I understand, but again it's just unusually unsettling
for me seeing something as popular DFS become so inactive nowhere days.
Disp Apr 16 @ 12:13pm 
We have big plans for the servers in the upcoming future, including a major server update coming sometime soon.
We're hoping it will increase the server player activity a bit, I'm hoping to be able to support the community & the servers as much as we can, but we cannot control when or if players are willing to join the servers or not.
Dolphin1012 Apr 16 @ 9:03am 
Aside from rare occurrences where the server is full or when an event is being hosted.
It's just unsettling a recognisable and well loved server slowly become more and more inactive until it's everything is gone, but at this point, tf2 is nearly 14 years old, so it's not as played as much as it use to, even with 70000+ players still playing it.
Dolphin1012 Apr 16 @ 8:54am 
It's getting more and more eerie seeing a server like DFS becoming less active.
at first it was only a minor thing back last year, but now at this it's almost coming an abandoned ghost town of a server, with only a few people including myself occasionally joining in for a bit.
MarcusColby Apr 6 @ 9:54am 
i wish alot more players be on DFS Servers....but there isnt :(
Woodboys666 Apr 1 @ 7:09pm 
i forgot i joined this group
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October 13, 2012