Dispenz0r's Fun Server
Dispenz0r's Fun Server
October 13, 2012
ABOUT Dispenz0r's Fun Server

Not Selling Sofas since 2012

Welcome to Dispenz0r's Fun Server, hosting fun gamemodes, custom content and a great community since 2012.
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Dispenz0r's Fun Server is a Team Fortress 2 community server featuring a wide range of gamemodes, plugins, exclusive content and more that's sure to show you a fun time, and keep you coming back for more!

There's something for everyone at DFS, whether you prefer to run around friendly maps with buddies, duke it out in TF2's vanilla modes, or...

Mix things up with our variety of fun custom gamemodes! DFS features:
  • Intense one vs all action in Versus Saxton Hale!
  • Desperate scavenging and hordes of the undead in Super Zombie Fortress!
  • Tension and horror in Slender Fortress!
  • Frenetic minigame craziness in MicroTF2!
  • Skillful speediness and fighting in Surf!
  • Platforming, pitfalls and perilous traps in DeathRun!
  • High-speed rocket tennis in Dodgeball!
  • A Mann vs. Machine twist on Payload in Stop That Tank!
  • Stealth and sneakiness in PropHunt!
  • Unpredictability and chaos in Randomizer!
  • High speed, high stakes and instant death in Instagib!
  • High-flying combat in Smash Fortress!
  • Creative constructing in DFS Sandbox!

What's more, we also have a unique economy of custom items, cosmetic effects, pets, and a whole host of special plugins to make DFS as fun and wacky as it can be, including some awesome exclusive maps and plugins that you won't find anywhere else!

Earn Credits, Experience Points and level up as you play to unlock our array of custom items, pets and cosmetic effects, take on tricky Quests and challenge our seasonal Campaigns for special rewards!

DFS has 2 servers that are online 24/7, with fast downloads so you can hop in easily!
Use the "connect [IP]" command in the console with their IPs to join, or use the IPs to add the servers to your Favorites!
  • DFS EU - London, UK:
  • DFS USA - Ashburn, VA, USA:

Feel free to visit our website at!

If you want to support us as we make new content for the servers, and get some cool perks for yourself, information on donating can be found on our website at!

Join our Discord server at!

Check out our Forums at, to make suggestions, report badly behaving players, apply for staff positions and more!

Plenty of helpful information for newcomers can be found in the Official DFS Guide![]

We hope to see you in the DFS servers soon!
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The Future of DFS
So what does this all mean and where do things go from here?
Don't worry, the servers will still be running and not a lot will be changing other than the fact that someone else will now be in charge of handling DFS, the servers, the community and how the future major DFS updates will be handled. However their approach towards managing the servers and updates will be influenced by their own available schedules and decisions.

And as for myself, I will still be here, just in a less prominent co-owner role, what I do for DFS and my role overall will be more limited compared to before. I'll still be managing server payments, providing help to staff team and support in terms of updates, bug fixes and whatever else I can for the time being.

This doesn't have to be a permanent decision, but for the foreseeable future I believe this is the best course of action for the server and myself.

If you happen to have any questions, please feel free to join our Discord server[] anytime.

I'll also be putting on a x5 EXP booster on both DFS servers for the whole week so go and have a blast in the servers!

Thank you so much for sticking around and supporting us. As always, I hope you keep enjoying your time and have fun in the DFS servers!

Memorial of the Fallen Campaign + Server Update (05/12/20)
  • Added a new Quest Type for Smash Fortress.
  • Added a timer on Auctions to tell easier when the deadline will be hit.
  • Improved the Module Particle System. Fixed certain particles appearing in firstperson.
  • Added a brand new campaign: Memorial of the Fallen
    • Added a new module: Soldier's Requiem
    • Added a new, free pass to access the campaign

  • Added ctf_aerospace_b4

  • Added dfs_sandbox_veryflat created by NotNihilanth to replace gm_flatgrass

  • Updated dfs_jungle_rc1b to dfs_jungle_rc1c
    • Optimized edicts (from 1300 to ~800)
    • Changed lights
    • Simplified water geometry
    • Added a message from B.M.I

  • Updated dm_flux_b4 to dm_flux_b5
    • Made several layout changes in an attempt to improve movement and make some areas more interesting.
    • Jump pads have been tweaked and can now be more reliably used to break falls as well as jumping.
    • Fixed the missing collision on the lower reactor stairs.
    • Cleaned up some graphical errors.
    • Added an additional sound effect when the control point is captured.
    • Attempted some more optimisation.
    • Fixed some sound effect errors.

  • Fixed RTD not working in competitive maps

  • Removed STT from pl_cooler_badwater_a3 due to the gamemode breaking the map

  • Fixed map vote chat messages blocking map vote screens

  • Fixed Queen Vanessa having broken textures

  • Blocked off explicit content from trade_abstract2

  • Fixed a typo regarding Construction Plugin Messages.

    DFS is supported by your donations! Please consider visiting to help us keep the servers running provide more great content for everyone to enjoy!

    Have fun!

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Light08 ✩ Apr 24 @ 11:20am 
The leak was real, and the worry was understandable, but in the end that didn't matter to existing servers.
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Source code leak that doesnt exist but people afraid of NICE
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October 13, 2012