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Dispenz0r's Fun Server DFSServers
October 13, 2012
ABOUT Dispenz0r's Fun Server

Fun Time!

Hello and welcome to Dispenz0r's Fun Server Steam group, please join us if you like playing on our servers and would like to see server related changes!

We bring the fun to you!

Dispenz0r's Fun Server (DFS) is a TF2 server community that hosts fun, competitive and custom gamemode maps with unique plugins you haven't seen before!

Both servers have fun and competitive maps, custom fun maps have the allowance system enabled, which makes players take no damage unless the player allows the attacker to deal damage to them. In these maps you can chill around and have fun with your buddies, we also have a lot of custom plugins and models to provide a fun and enjoyable experience!

We also have competitive maps, these have the allowance system disabled so it's an all out battle between teams! But of course you can still always toggle friendly mode on yourself if you would prefer not to fight.

We have gamemode maps as well, currently our servers run these custom gamemodes in them: Deathrun, Dodgeball, Prophunt, Stop That Tank!, Slender Fortress, Surf, Randomizer, SZF, VSH2 and MicroTF2!

We have a unique self-made DFS account system with various items, pets, a leveling system and other verious self-made plugins and maps that made our servers more fun than ever!

Feel free to visit our website here![]

Feel free to join our Discord server here![]

Check out DFS boards, a nice place for our players to hang out! You can also suggest new things, report players or make ban appeals there as well![]

Check out our official DFS guide to get you started with DFS![]

If you want to support us, please donate to us by clicking here![]
Donations are very much appreciated and will help us make new and better stuff for the servers, you will also be given special rank(s) in return as a token of our appreciation!

The servers are under maintenance for a few hours once every week and are also restarted at least once per day.

Check out MTRF series created by Dr. Heavich here!

We have 4 servers, both are online 24/7 and have a FastDL system.
  • DFS EU #1, hosted in London, UK
  • DFS EU #2, hosted in Falkenstein, Germany
  • DFS USA #1, hosted in Ashburn, VA, USA
  • DFS USA #2, hosted in Phoenix, AZ, USA

Use these commands in console to connect to the servers manually
  • connect to join the 1st server (Hosted in EU | UK)
  • connect to join the 2nd server (Hosted in USA | VA)
  • connect to join the 3rd server (Hosted in EU | DE)
  • connect to join the 4th server (Hosted in USA | AZ)

We hope to see you on our servers soon!
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DFS: The Pre-Spring Update
  • Added new maps
    • dr_home_sweet_home_v4
    • trade_reggie
    • koth_atrocity
    • boss_jevil_v3
    • Replaced slender_asylum_redux_fix with slender_decay_b5c
    • Replaced mario_kart_deluxe_v3 with mario_kart_2012_b3 due to the map crashing players

  • The chat plugin has been completely revamped and reworked!
    • You can now mention and ping people in the chat by typing @username* in the chat
    • Rainbow colors have been re-worked completely and are available for use, although only exclusive to higherups currently.
  • Thriller taunts have been disabled, Medkits have been set to their default models instead of Halloween themed ones, crit candy drops have also been disabled.
    • This means that we have completely disabled Halloween mode from DFS, however, the Halloween cosmetics should still be enabled and usable in the servers!
  • You now receive a scaling 10% XP boost for playing on DFS every 30 minutes, stacking up to a 100% XP boost at max.
  • All current DFS maps now have .nav files, meaning that any sort of Boss or NPC will be able to move and work properly on all maps!
  • AFK Manager now moves you into Spectator if you've been idle for 4 minutes in the server, instead of 6 minutes.
  • When a player receives a very rare item or a DFS boss is defeated, it is announced throughout all of the DFS servers.
  • DFS Role colors have been updated.
  • Global chat now has a proper security system, so nobody other than the DFS servers should be able to connect or attempt to connect to it.
  • Server crashes and client boss battle crashes should now be fixed, the servers should now be more stable.
  • Re-wrote most of the messages and text in system chat messages, /commands and /vipcommands menus. Additionally, the DFS Commands list thread[] has been updated as well.
  • All 4 Servers now have their FastDLs cleaned and completely re-synced, expect more optimal and faster downloads starting from now on.
  • Fixed several unused server files downloading over and over again and cleared out unused files.
  • Sourcemod, Metamod: Source and certain extensions have been updated to the latest stable versions.
  • Added a secret experimental command that is currently only available to higherups and will hopefully be available to the public in the near future. (We won't be spoiling the surprise)
  • Reduced file sizes of the big DFS maps.
  • The DFS database has been upgraded and is on better specs now, expect better performance.
  • Slender Fortress 2 maps have been updated to their latest versions!

  • Enabled Bhop on all mario_kart related maps.
  • Playermodel info_player_spawn now works for everyone in the bonemerge menu.
  • Made the Diamond Prestige color more blue-ish.
  • Fixed Keyless Community Crate being tradable.
  • Fixed Day 150 milestone title not being available.
  • Fixed message that displays on reaching credits limit having an invalid item text.
  • Stadium got a minor update:
    • Updated Snatcher to v1.5 and a new system
      • Greatly optimized the Boss Battle.
      • Improved the A.I. & added more improvements.
      • Added an /unstuck command. It's not recommended to be used during the battle.
    • Made some changes towards spawning / teleporting.

  • Added achievement_turbov15_v2, dr_retroland_fix and tfdb_toolsheds_b4 to the map rotation of the DE and AZ servers, since they were missing there.
  • Cleaned up a few more additional small leftover files.
  • Renamed Shadow Key to Snatcher Key.
  • Updated Login sequence. Hopefully resolving all login / item drop issues for real this time.
  • Fixed droptimers rarely being detected wrongly, causing multiple item drops at times.
  • Fixed spawning / teleporting in the ceiling.
  • Fixed server chat messages displaying AZ server IP with the same IP address as the VA server

    Have fun everyone!

Server Update + Server Optimization (22/01/19)
  • tm_stadium has been updated to version b3g!

  • Added new maps
    • vsh_crevice_b5
    • vsh_gyros_v5
    • vsh_chimeralabs_v6
    • trade_templeofdonger_v70

  • Added new VSH bosses
    • Seeman & Seeldier
    • Painis Cupcake

  • Added a new command:
    • /buildingcolors - Allows you to put a color of choice to your buildings anytime you want. (Public command, available to everyone)

  • Ads have been completely removed off motd and DFS, enjoy ad-free DFS experience!

  • There has been a very massive optimization update to the files, as well as the removal of a lot of unused files. Therefore the amount of total downloads in size should be decreased by a huge amount starting from now on.

  • Added new joinsounds

  • Added new noisemaker sounds

  • Damage Spread has been completely disabled
  • Fixed Boss Spawner plugin not working
  • Fixed random server & client crashes while playing on the server.
  • Fixed Randomizer crashing the servers, the gamemode has been enabled on the servers once again.
  • Fixed a specific file downloading over and over again in vsh
  • Updated Happy phrases
  • Made it so trade_stadium automatically redirects users to RED team
  • Removed a couple of older noisemaker sounds
  • Removed these plugins due to them being not used as much anymore:
    • Custom Weapons
    • User Mentions
    • Warp plugin
  • Removed the following maps:
    • boss_jevil_demo11
    • trade_festive_park
    • trade_sakura_a4
    • vsh_bianco_hills_v5
    • vsh_thousand_needles_r3
    • xmas_party_b5
  • Made a couple of changes to the Model Manager models:
    • Adam Jensen is now a Public model
    • Astronaut is now a Public model
    • CJ is now Gold only
    • Froppy is now a VIP only (from Gold) model
    • Genji is now Scout only
    • Kaz Miller no longer says Ocelot lines
    • McCree is now Spy only
    • Papyrus is now a public model and is for Sniper only
    • Penguin is now Heavy only
    • Ralsei is now for Medic only
    • Removed Ash Williams
    • Removed Chell
    • Removed Duke Nukem
    • Removed Radigan Engineer
    • Removed Wesker
    • Removed Zer0
    • Removed new Doomguy (Classic Doomguy still stays)
    • Sanic is now all-class
    • Sans is now Engineer only
    • Sun-On-A-Stickman is now a Public model
    • Tracer is now Scout only
  • Removed a couple of old & unliked joinsounds

  • Keep in mind that most of the content that were removed above were old and unused content, that will be replaced with newer content that we release in near future.

    SZF Changes:
    • Fixed a bug where the Shotgun, Frontier Justice, Reserve Shooter and Panic Attack could not be picked up.
    • Fixed a bug where Chargers and Hunters' special attacks could never stun the enemy.
    • Fixed a bug where the "Speed" indicator did not update if stunned by a taunt or backstab.
    • Stuns now take away 60 movement speed instead of 33.3% of current movement speed.
    • Fixed a bug where the Escape Plan would always grant the player maximum speed.
      • For an upcoming update, the Escape Plan will see further changes based on player feedback.
    • Implemented (significant) changes to the code for a scheduled future update. Changes:
    • Login session now last for 20 days instead of 1 day.
    • Fixed a bug where daily credit values for non-donators and donators were swapped around.
    • Added additional text to explain donator perks for VIPs.
    • The donate button is now green and bolded.
    • 'Profile' text is now replaced with your avatar.
    • The latest content update is now displayed on the home page, next to the latest announcement.
    • Snowfall now lasts from 14th of December to 14th of January.
      • This means it is disabled as of today's update.

    Have fun everyone!

    EDIT: Hotfix Patch now out!
  • Replaced vsh_tranquil_b3 with vsh_chimeralabs_v6
  • Added multi-class Yeti voice lines
  • Fixed Retrobelle having missing textures
  • Fixed Xmas 2017 pet being gigantic and having missing textures
  • Fixed Radio Pet having missing textures
  • Fixed Bombonomicon pet being stuck inside the floor.
  • Fixed a small wording error with the Keyless Community Box
  • Fixed Boss Spawner plugin even more

Strello Feb 23 @ 4:14pm 
ight bet
Hades [DFS] Feb 23 @ 4:07pm 
Light08 ☆ Feb 23 @ 3:03pm 
Server dead besides it having like 50 peeps on it like an hour ago... Sure.
[DFS] Welzhum Feb 23 @ 2:58pm 
The UK server tends to be more populated, so it's best you try to go there in the early hours, if your connection allows you to stay without lagging too much.
madfoxxy_pat Feb 14 @ 12:13am 
Since 2014 , still, DFS is my favorite server xD
Dispenz0r Feb 13 @ 11:44am 
Servers should be now up with the latest update, check the newest announcement for more information.
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October 13, 2012