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Dispenz0r's Fun Server - Public Group
Oldest Fun Server in TF2
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Welcome! I am the owner of Dispenz0r's Fun Server

We host TF2 servers that feature a wide range of exclusive content, gamemodes, maps, plugins and more that is sure to show you a fun time and keep you coming back for more!

We also have our own self-made maps (tm_stadium, dfs_sandbox, chambers and tunnels), self-made plugins (DFS items, bosses, pets, credits, leveling and ranks) and tons of content that make the servers a lot more fun than ever!
Have a look at our website [dfs.tf] for more info if you're interested.

-I don't play TF2 as much as I used to before, but I still stick around DFS to support the community and develop new content to the servers for the players to enjoy!

-I don't trade items and such, please don't add me for trading related stuff.

-I don't accept random invites, please leave a comment on why you'd like to add me before you send me a request.

-If you were banned from DFS, make a ban appeal on DFS Boards [dfs.boards.net] or on the Sourcebans page [bans.dfs.tf], please do not contact me regarding any received bans.


DFS Website - https://dfs.tf

DFS Discord - https://dfs.tf/discord

DFS Donation Page - https://dfs.tf/donate

DFS Steam Group - https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Dispenz0rsFunServer

Hope to see you around in the DFS servers!

If you have any questions you'd like to shoot, feel free to ask ahead anytime!
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jesus fucking christ
589 106 28
NotNihilanth Aug 18 @ 7:39am 
ultra high definition 8k high dynamic range 360° virtual reality 120 fps 7680x4320x120p
Kaj Jul 22 @ 10:01am 
@Mikusch it's all good, I handled it
Mikusch Jul 22 @ 3:45am 
i hope you added him, he said it was important
Dakinos Jul 15 @ 1:33am 
add me, its important
๖₵yberjockjr Jun 4 @ 1:10pm 
I would like to trade with you
TheNixedOne Jun 3 @ 7:50pm 
Happy Birthday.:dealwithit: