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September 19, 2014
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-Video Game Design & Development

Staff Team:
  • Founder & Owner: Eric Plasencia

Design & Development:
  • Eric Plasencia - Lead Designer & Developer
  • Charles Kulick - Game/Concept Design (Collaborator)

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    • Chaos Chain


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    5/13/22 Major Chaos Chain Update 1.2.5
    Chaos Chain

    Salutations, dwellers...

    Hey everyone! Here is the next BIG new update for the game. I didn't get every single thing that I wanted to get into this update, but I did include a lot of other new stuff to make up for it. Loot containers now respawn periodically and reposition themselves as well so it is fully randomized, the interface got a nice circuit background overlay, saves from here on out should *mostly* be safe from having to restart due to some extensive reworking of the existing system, item popup messages whenever you gain equipment, and much more! The only thing to be aware of is one of the new quests "Relief Recovery" is not completed yet. Check out the change log below!

    Please note that these changes are not in any particular order.

    Update 1.2.5 Change Log:

    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed a typo in the intro
    • Fixed a bug where you'd have to press back button twice when exiting world map
    • Fixed some tileset pathing bugs
    • Fixed a rare bug where loot containers could spawn on top of each other
    • Fixed an unreachable container spawn location

    Changes & Additions:
    • A HUGE thank you to "heynonnynonny" for his help on this one - You should NO LONGER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT CORRUPTED SAVES AS NEW QUESTS ARE ADDED - MOST SAVES WILL BE ABLE TO BE USED GOING FORWARD (You can thank heynonnynonny yourself if you purchase some of his pixel artwork for sale here:
    • Updated Rusty's Pawn area to look more like an interior shop area and less like a warehouse
    • Added Condemned Apartments: F1 area (Smugglers' Bend)
    • Added "Working with Scraps" repeatable side quest
    • Added "Relief Recovery" side quest (Not currently finished)
    • "Helping Hands" quest related dropoff dialogues are now instantly displayed so you don't have to wait for each message to appear
    • "Helping Hands" quest item value has been greatly increased so it should be completed roughly twice as fast
    • "Helping Hands" quest goal reduced from 1500 to 1200
    • Dr Cranlin's shop now has much more effective healing items once you complete "Helping Hands"
    • "Closed Circuit" quest related dropoff dialogues are now instantly displayed so you don't have to wait for each message to appear
    • Sidewalks and asphalt are now a bit smoother because the graphics looked a little too rigid
    • Added some extra dialogue options to a few conversations
    • Added lights to Bull's car outside the Views apartments
    • Slightly reduced opacity of menu scan lines so they won't be so dark
    • Player apartment map now has 3 different soundtracks
    • Updated hint in the player apartment for what you need to get before you leave
    • Updated player apartment map slightly
    • Added extra free item to take from the apartment (Nutrient Paste)
    • Popup text now appears whenever you gain an item/equipment/weapon
    • Standardized sound effects for losing/gaining items/equipment/weapons to 3 distict sounds
    • Added 1 more randomized sound effect for equipping items
    • Improved efficiency of money popup handling
    • Quickslot item use popup text color is now green
    • Added subtle chime sound effect to play when transferring between maps
    • Added a circuit board backdrop to the menu skin
    • Added a slight shading effect around the outside of the interface
    • Cleaned up the anarchy symbol face image
    • Mouse improvements on the map screen so that you no longer have to move the mouse in on map screen menus and the cursor will retain it's location in the list if you don't move the mouse from it
    • Reduced noise graphical overlay on several graphics to make them look more pure
    • Added a lot more lootable containers to multiple areas
    • Added fully randomized, fully respawning, fully repositioning loot containers (Respawn to a new location with new contents every 3 game days from the last time you interacted with it or from when they try to generate - 3 hours real time - be careful, you can lose stored items this way unless they're in your stash - this IS intended - your stuff can get stolen)
    • Reintroduced a very small amount of green back into the game's time-based tinting
    • Floating labels above events now have slightly increased opacity to be easier to see and read
    • Added a sound effect to play when you open a container
    • Added a sound effect to play when you close a container
    • Added specific tutorial hint about the stash (Player safe item storage) and lootable containers (Which respawn over time and reset)
    • Added a new lore (Data) item description with a hint about loot containers
    • Baseball bat initiative bonus is now +4 instead of +3
    • Rebalanced pool cue weapon because it was way too OP
    • Updated enemy stats if they had baseball bat weapons
    • Added improvised club melee weapon
    • Added blackjack melee weapon
    • Updated shop listings and made each shop a bit more unique (All shops are now more fitting to their theme and overall, they are more diversified)
    • Added 17 improvised weapons to the random loot tables
    • Added 10 basic armor/equipments to the random loot tables
    • Added special rules regarding loot drops with improvised weapons and basic armor/equipments
    • Updated The Eclipse: Basement area
    • Slightly updated Neko's dialogues
    • Neko's shop lists no longer look like a hardware store (He now only sells weapons that are either legitimately weapons or things that are made to be used as weapons - He's a weapon smuggler, not Home Depot)
    • Added 5 construction worker sprites
    • Added 10 randomized phrases for construction workers
    • Added some construction workers to Smuggler's Bend
    • Increased saturation of all text colors in game by 5%
    • Nikova weapons have been renamed to Novikov

    NOTE: You SHOULD NOT need to start a new game. If you encounter issues however, it is probably for the best.

    Please let me know of any bugs or issues you may encounter. The update will be available shortly.

    For more info on the game, visit the store page below!

    That's all for now, enjoy!

    -Corrosion :CStudios:

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    -Corrosion :CStudios:

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    Just finished my final assignment in university! Wooooooot!
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