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Hey everyone, Krathan here!

Today we finally bring you the Ice Cave rework, Mountain Temple changes and more fixes!

We're happy to announce that another legacy issue has been taken care of - you can now use your abilities when hovering the walls or void outside of dungeons, if they are not targeting tiles (the exceptions being Spells, Skulls, Poisons, Traps, Orbs and of course Prisms).

We also finally started rolling out some changes to address the long standing issue with damage thresholds. There are more to come and hopefully soon we will have unified and more co-op friendly loot distribution!

For more information on what's coming to Realm of the Mad God in the future, make sure to read our Producer's Letter!

Ice Cave rework!
  • More enemy variety, with more threats and fewer bullet sponges
  • Changed dungeon generation to make clearing come more naturally (group is split across two paths)
  • Watch out for the new slippery damaging tiles in the main dungeon
  • Boss fight is now HP based rather than time based, certain phases are also more engaging (watch out for the summons!)
  • The chest has been removed, loot table and distribution has been fixed

Staff of Esben
  • Projectile Speed: 10 t/s -> 16 t/s (same range)
  • Rate of Fire: 70% -> 80%
  • Damage: 60-95 -> 70-90 (+10 min, -5 max,+2.5 average)
  • Fame Bonus: 4% -> 6%
  • Attack Bonus: 1 -> 0
  • Feed Power: 700 -> 800
Mountain Temple changes!
  • Added a treasure room (activate all lanterns in the outdoor zone to access Daichi's private study after you defeat him!)
  • Daichi drops the new UT Orb of Aether: this Orb create a static energy zone that lasts 5 seconds and paralyzes enemies close to its center while slowing the one that are farther
  • Jade and Garnet Statues now drop Kageboshi
  • Increased the delay before the statues charge players: 1 -> 2.5
  • The statues now flash in light blue before charging players
  • The Encounter now always drops a portal to the Mountain Temple
  • Loot table and distribution has been fixed

Wand of the Fallen
  • Projectile Speed: 12 t/s -> 14.4 t/s (same range)
  • Damage: +5 min (+2.5 average)
  • Projectile Speed: 14 t/s -> 16.1 t/s (same range)
  • Damage: 360-440 -> 414-506 (+54 min, +66 max,+60 average)
Quality of Life
  • The default camera angle is now 0 degrees
  • The chat text box size has been decreased
  • The default chat star requirement now set to 2 stars


  • Fixed crash issue related to the Deadwater Docks
  • Fixed error when using abilities that do not target tiles while hovering walls or the black background
  • Fixed flash indication on objects not showing when arriving after it started for portals, bags, damage evaluation phases for Liches, Ent Ancients and Ghost Kings, Jade and Garnet statue telegraphs
  • Fixed and unified damage thresholds in Davy Jones's Locker, Oryx's Chambers, Wine Cellar, Sprite World, Undead Lair and Abyss of Demons
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