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Hi everyone

A few days have passed since the vernal equinox so it's high time we released our Spring update, aka the Magic Woods update! As most of you know, Magic Woods is the name of the newest dungeon, which is now available for you to play. Kudos to Toastrz for designing this dungeon with the precious help of Poshun's artistic touch! We would like to thank all of the contributors (artists, testers) who have also helped to bring this dungeon to life

With this update we are also activating Easter events, updating the Friends list interface and changing the appearance of the Nexus. Full details below

  • Coming along with a UT Mystic set, the new low-mid level dungeon Magic Woods is now available and rarely drops from Ent Gods and Ent Ancients
  • The Hanami Nexus is back
  • Oryx's Frozen Castle finally thawed
  • The Leprechaun has left the realm
  • Increased Pet eggs drop rates across the Realm for the duration of the Events

  • Main Event: Easter Egg Hunt *March 29 - April 12

The Easter Egg Hunt has started again! Collect Magic Eggs[] & Golden Egg[] tokens and trade them for guaranteed exclusive gear and skins

You can collect Magic Egg tokens from egg baskets that are placed all around the realm, from an encounter with a certain Buffed Bunny after you destroy all 16 giant eggs in a given realm, and a variety of Chest Events

With the help of the Tinkerer, you can turn in a total 10 stacks of Magic Eggs x10 every day to get a maximum of 20 Golden Eggs per day. The Golden Eggs can then be traded for guaranteed exclusive gear and skins

  • April Weekly Quests *April 3 - 30

The ORYX tokens are back! Collect the ORYX April Shards[] from the Login Calendar, Chest Events and trade them for the O, R, Y and X letter tokens. Collect all 4 letters across the event to obtain the exclusive Penguin Warrior skin

  • Chest Events *April 3 - 30

There will be 2 Chest Events running each week throughout the month of April! Check out the full list below, or the visual calendar[]

  • Undead Lair & Manor of the Immortals - *April 3 - 10
  • Toxic Sewers & Davy Jones - *April 10 - 17
  • Mad Lab & Woodland Labyrinth - *April 17 - 24
  • Puppet Master Theater & Mountain Temple- *April 24 - 30

  • Applied a tentative fix to the disconnection issue when swapping or picking up items
  • Fixed wisdom bonus calculations in tooltips for orbs, seals and tomes
  • Nest Encounter Beehemoths always show on the minimap
  • Re-enabled quests in the Lair of Draconis

  • Friend list rework - usability, performance and a new look
  • Implemented New quest type “One per account

Heads up
  • The Feed Power value for all Character skins and Pet skins will be revised very soon. We want that value to be more consistent across the board and avoid unnecessary discrepancies. All of the soulbound skins will be worth 2000 FP, while the tradeable skins will be worth 500 FP. This means that, for instance, the skins that are worth 5000 FP will see their value lowered to 2000 FP. The same goes for Pet skins. If you have been holding onto any skins with plans to feed them to your pets in the future, start feeding them now before the update hits

    The Deca Team ~
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