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Hello everyone! The last week of our Special October Level Design Contest has begun. We can already say with confidence that the competition turned out excellent! But let's not get ahead of ourselves. Let's take a look at what's in our workshop last week!

Several great levels:
A spooky level with potions, spiders and bats. This is where you'll have to show real mastery of workers flow management! And be careful not to let the 6-car trains leave the station on the left. Perhaps this is by design...
A new level by @Gelledee, where you have to be very careful: try not to touch a single particle of the ghosts! Your trains should be careful to avoid them. Make potions, pumpkins and sweets. After all, what else is needed for a good holiday?
Maestro @striker700 is here! Potions, pumpkins, sweets, and a couple of cute animals. But the most important thing is those 180 workers. You must take care of them because you have no more. Each of them must do their job in their place. We advise you to start with gold jewelry, then things will go much faster. This is a very beautiful level, which is much easier to play than it seems at first glance. Thanks for the map, @striker700! We are happy to give you a €10 Steam gift card.

This Saturday, October 31st, we will announce the winners. Friends, you can still hop into the last cars of our train! Choo-choo!
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