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The SteamVR Beta has been updated with the following changes:

  • Fixed a hang that could happen if multiple apps launched almost at the same time.
  • Fixed a crash in the internal web browser (may have affected input binding UI and/or pairing UI).
  • Fixed a case where SteamVR could become unresponsive when plugging in a large number of USB devices at once (e.g. a hub full of devices).
  • Fixed a case where the compositor would take several seconds to shut down, possibly interfering with a quick restart of SteamVR.
  • Fixed issue that caused Room Setup to not run automatically when SteamVR starts and there is no chaperone configured.
  • Removed warning that Room Setup (and other internal applications) will exit when SteamVR exits.

SteamVR Input:
  • Fixed issues in the binding UI when a binding config contains simulated actions that don’t have names or output actions configured. (Those partial simulated actions will still not work, but they’ll let you keep editing the config.)
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