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Cogwheel Software  [developer] Jul 3, 2023 @ 10:48am
Safe mode launcher
Whenever you have problems with starting the game or its correct operation, run RunSafeMode.exe which is in the main app directory, usually

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hidden Deep

DirectX version
The most common cause of problems is DirectX setting. Some cards work better with Dx9 (mainly older machines), some with Dx11. If you have Intel HD Graphics or Intel UHD GPU recommended is Directx 9.

1. Start RunSafeMode.exe as described above
2. Change DirectX setting
3. Ensure that other settings like resolution and display mode are correct
4. Save and Run the game

Wrong GPU Adapter - (very common in laptops)
In many laptops there are two graphics adapters - one integrated into CPU which is slower and often not fully compatible with DirectX (renders glitchy graphics) and second dedicated high performance GPU mainly for games.
Very often, the system defaults to the integrated card for Hidden Deep. I'm working on fixing this problem but for now you should follow steps below:

1. Check used GPU by going to the graphics settings after starting the game or in the Safe Mode Launcher (described above).
2. If it shows correct GPU e.g. GeForce or Ryzen then all is OK
3. If the wrong card is used (like Radeon Graphics, Intel HD Graphics etc), then:
a) For Directx 11 just select the correct GPU Adapter using Safe Mode Launcher
b) For Directx 9 you can change GPU in the system or the Nvidia panel. You can find the instructions below:



Screen resolution or audio problems
1. Start RunSafeMode.exe as described above
2. Change needed settings and run the game
3. If it won't work try different settings until it works

Corrupted game files or user data files
It can happen that for some reason user data files get corrupted. In this case:

1. Reinstall the game on Steam. If it won't help then follow next points.

2. Go to directory
C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Daedalic Entertainment GmbH\
3. If you have some progress in the game you can first make a copy/zip of directory Hidden Deep just in case.
4. Delete whole directory Hidden Deep.
WARNING! You will lose all your game progress after this but it can be recovered (see below).
5. Run the game. When Steam asks whether to use local or cloud files choose "local files"
6. If game works fine, here is how you can recover progress:
a) Next time if Steam asks choose "Use Cloud files"
b) If it won't work contact me on Discord (wookie22) and I will try to recover the data. You will need to send me the copy of files before deletion (see pt 3)

Antivirus software problem:
Check if your antivirus software is not blocking hdeep.exe. It should not happen but some software has this problem - it is false positive of course
Try to disable antivir for a while and then run hdeep.exe

Other applications and system restart:
Other applications running in the background may sometimes interfere with graphics or audio drivers. I got few reports that restarting Windows solved the problem. Just mind that you should use "restart system" option not just turn off and on PC. Restart has stronger effect on system than turning off.
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