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Originally posted by train cookie:
Originally posted by Cogwheel Software:
Currently only Depth Survivors mode where all loot is random but level is fixed
Is there plans on making a rouglike/career mode were you go into caves with a squad of npcs or other players to do certain jobs before escaping
I got a long list o new things to make. As long as there is interest in this game the new functions, modes and content will be added continuously
Currently only Depth Survivors mode where all loot is random but level is fixed
Sep 23 @ 9:49am
In topic UI Scaling, Please
You're absolutely right. Expect it in the nearest update. BTW I don't have 4k monitor :)
Sep 23 @ 9:47am
In topic Status of Coop?
I'm fixing desyncs of clients - tricky one. I'm definitely closer to the end than to the beginning of coding coop.
Sep 23 @ 9:45am
In topic Scan-ball is useless as a recon device.
Can you provide on which level it happen because in gereal Scan-ball DO trigger spawn of enemies
Jul 15 @ 3:51am
In topic Game Freezes at Second Mission.
Originally posted by {ZET} Inflitor:
hmm i tried to play again and this time it happend again but on a diffrent area. i entered shaft 04 and used the terra scanner to find the entry point after i blew that entry poitn open whit c4 if sended a ball drone down there and after entering the area whit the ball drone the screen froze again whit me being able to still control and play around whit the drone.
It is directx related and I'm investigating this problem. For some reason it is common on Intel integrated GPUs. At this moment I recommend switching to Directx 9 and it should be fine or if you have another dedicated GPU in laptop you need to switch it in system or nvidia control panel. See pinned troubleshooting post, section 'Wrong adapter'
Jul 14 @ 10:48pm
In topic Game Freezes at Second Mission.
Hello. I'm sorry you experienced that. Can you enter graphics settings in the game and post me the screenshot of your settings?
Jul 13 @ 5:36am
In topic Resolution issue
I knew it is going to happen. I must buy widescreen and 4k monitors... and then fix the issue
Jul 13 @ 5:35am
In topic Hidden Deep+Baratrauma
Hi! I'll think about it as additional game mode when multiplayer is done
Jul 13 @ 5:26am
In topic Multiplayer questions
Originally posted by Mr. Manky:
Will you be able to play all game modes including the new one?
Can we get a estimated time on how long until multiplayer is out ?
Lastly i want to say your doing a fantastic job for being solo and i love this game a ♥♥♥♥ load it has a lot of aspects i love from the realistic rag doll physics to the deaths just this game has allot of potential and lots of cool directions maybe you should add zombies idk ... just its a pretty kickass game really enjoy it thanks.
Thank you very much! Multi is around the corner since you ask
Jul 12 @ 4:55am
In topic Hotfixes pack v
Originally posted by I.C.S-TYRANT:
Good job! You fixed some of bugs, there is just one more, after some time when playing the new depth survivor mode the walls and floors go invisible, the cave walls (background walls) are visible, but the actual walls floors and ceilings can't be seen.
Check pinned Troubleshooting post and read 'Wrong adapter" section. It is very likely the cause
Jul 6 @ 10:32am
In topic no multiplayer after two years, horrible
1.5 years exactly.
1. I didn't hype it for multiplayer since beginning. Rather later since split-screen addon.
2. I'm finishing alpha version of multi at the moment. Note that I'm a solo-dev and people want new content too not only multiplayer.

I hope you will be soon satisfied with Hidden Deep :D
Press U to collect them :)
Jul 6 @ 10:25am
In topic will there ever be online multiplayer?
Yes and hopefully pretty soon
Jul 5 @ 4:26pm
In topic keep us up to date with each update
It was network malfunction. Update is now added to news
Jul 3 @ 6:41pm
Originally posted by Tech-Priest:
When trying to play the new game mode from the menu, I get the EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION the moment the loading hits 100% and tries to place me in the level.
Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm investigating the problem and hopefully will fix it soon
Hi, I found the cause. Fix tomorrow
Jul 3 @ 6:38pm
In topic Game execution fail detected
Can you give more details please?
Safe mode launcher
Whenever you have problems with starting the game or its correct operation, run RunSafeMode.exe which is in the main app directory, usually

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Hidden Deep

DirectX version
The most common cause of problems is DirectX setting. Some cards work better with Dx9 (mainly older machines), some with Dx11. If you have Intel HD Graphics or Intel UHD GPU recommended is Directx 9.

1. Start RunSafeMode.exe as described above
2. Change DirectX setting
3. Ensure that other settings like resolution and display mode are correct
4. Save and Run the game

Wrong GPU Adapter (very common in laptops)
In many laptops there are two graphics adapters - one integrated into CPU which is slower and often not fully compatible with DirectX (renders glitchy graphics) and second dedicated high performance GPU mainly for games.
Very often, the system defaults to the integrated card for Hidden Deep. I'm working on fixing this problem but for now you should follow steps below:

1. Check used GPU by going to the graphics settings after starting the game or in the Safe Mode Launcher (described above).
2. If it shows correct GPU e.g. GeForce or Ryzen then all is OK
3. If the wrong card is used (like Radeon Graphics, Intel HD Graphics etc), change the settings in the system or the Nvidia panel. You can find the instructions below:



Screen resolution or audio problems
1. Start RunSafeMode.exe as described above
2. Change needed settings and run the game
3. If it won't work try different settings until it works

Antivirus software problem:
Check if your antivirus software is not blocking hdeep.exe. It should not happen but some software has this problem - it is false positive of course
Try to disable antivir for a while and then run hdeep.exe
Jun 30 @ 10:32am
In topic Day 92 issue
Hi, thanks for spotting. Expect fix tommorow
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