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Will May 16, 2018 @ 9:05pm
Clarification on selected Emissaries

There have been a lot of discussions on the various online communities and at the preview event after the selected Emissaries were announced. Because of this, we wanted to address a few issues regarding the selected Emissaries as well as some changes and misunderstandings that have risen regarding this topic.

First of all, since we have found some of the selected Emissaries to be inappropriate for their role, we have decided to exclude them from the final Emissary list. We deeply apologize for this mistake.

During the selection process, we decided to select more Emissaries than we had initially planned knowing that some of them might not be able to fulfill their roles for various reasons. Keeping this in mind, please understand that final number of active Emissaries might be actually be reduced as time goes on, making it less than the current number of Emissaries posted on the list. The official Emissary list will be regularly updated on our website.

We also want to address some specific issues that might have caused some misunderstandings.
  • Selection Criteria
  • Our criteria for selecting Emissaries stemmed from a variety of different sources. We selected those who stood out from the other applicants either because of their channel’s content or the experience and content written about on their application form. We also selected some who did not have quite as many followers due to them showing us their interest in Bless in their own unique way. We had many factors to consider during the process of selecting Emissaries, and we want everyone to understand that just because someone wasn’t selected this round doesn’t mean that they aren’t just as capable an Emissaries as those who were selected. After all, we couldn’t select everyone! We hope that the applicants who weren’t selected this time will not be too disappointed and will consider applying again in the next round.
  • In addition, please remember that Emissary activity itself is more important than the selection process, so those who were selected could be disqualified if they don’t fulfill their Emissary duties.

  • Bless related content
  • Having a great interest in Bless is obviously one of the important selection factors, and there are many people among the selected Emissaries who have played Bless for a long time on other regions’ servers. However, this is not a mandatory factor since Bless hasn’t been officially released globally yet. In addition to applicant’s interest in Bless, we also took into account past experience and the channel’s influence. Obviously, having played Bless Online after EA starts will become one of the most important factors for the next Emissary selection round, through experience in playing other MMORPG games will still also be relevant for future Emissary applicants.

  • Selected Emissaries’ region
  • During the selection period, there weren’t many applicants from different regions (South and Central America, Russia, etc.) compared to the huge number of applications we received from North American candidates. We did not make the selection with only one specific country in mind, and we are planning on intentionally selecting Emissaries from diverse regions starting with the next application period (applicants will need to specify their main server region in future application forms).

  • Emissary Benefits
  • We will not be providing in-game items or buffs that can affect the actual gameplay to Emissaries.
We hope that we were able to clarify any misunderstandings through this post and we hope you can congratulate the selected Emissaries!
We will make sure to consider all your comments and suggestions for the next application round. Thank you for your interest in the Emissary program!

Thank you,
The Bless Team
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BUILD THE BARRIER May 16, 2018 @ 9:25pm 
cloak was a good meme
Agarite May 16, 2018 @ 9:34pm 
Thanks for the clarification!
XGearbladeX (Banned) May 16, 2018 @ 11:10pm 
"Emissary Benefits
We will not be providing in-game items or buffs that can affect the actual gameplay to Emissaries."

Thank You...
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