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FAQ: Common Bugs & Issues
Game Doesn't Start
BAD INSTALLATION Downloads don't always go smoothly (not just for our game). Simply redownload the game and try again. This is a good first step if you are crashing on load.

GRAPHICS DRIVERS If the game runs, flickers, and then closes, the issue may be your video card not supporting OpenGL. First, see if there is a video driver update. If unsuccessful, you may have a resolution problem.

AMD FREE SYNC - Some users with AMD Radeon graphics cards have reported that their launch issues can be solved by disabling AMD's FreeSync option.

AUDIO DRIVERS If the game runs, but closes shortly after the logo appears, the issue is likely related to your audio drivers. Check for new drivers for your motherboard or audio card and install them. If that does not work, there could be a OpenAL conflict with another audio program being used. VoiceMeter, Exp Soundboard, and Elgato, have been known to cause issues, and uninstalling these can help. If you don't have any of these installed, reinstalling or verifying game files may fix the issue.

ADMIN PRIVILEGES In rare cases, SlayTheSpire.exe must be Run as Administrator. Go to the game directory (Slay the Spire -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files...) and open the SlayTheSpire.exe properties to do so.

NVIDIA SHADOWPLAY Some users have reported Shadowplay causing their game to not run on startup. We recommend disabling Shadowplay when running Slay the Spire. Click here to learn how to disable.[]

Resolution Related Problems
If you run into any problems after changing your resolution or screen mode, keep in mind you can open the settings by pressing ESC in the main menu. If there are severe issues, please report them with the following info: Operating System, number of monitors, DPI scaling settings (if any are on), any third party software that may affect it (OBS, Borderless Gaming).

Your display settings can always be reset by deleting your info.displayconfig file found in the Steam game directory (Slay the Spire -> Properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files...)

Aspect Ratios outside of 16:9 and 16:10 are not officially supported. Fullscreen mode in other aspect ratios are currently letterboxed.

If further issues occur, please join our Discord Channel[] and post in the #bugs-and-feedback channel or send us an email at and we will do our best to help you.

My Game Crashes when Continuing!
Because the game is undergoing many changes, your save may become incompatible between versions. In this scenario you will have to delete your current run (the run, not all of your progress) by using the Abandon Run button in the Main Menu. If run into this issue, please let us know.

Still Crashing!?
We don't like crashing either, please join our Discord Channel[] and paste the contents of your SlayTheSpire.log file so we can fix the issue!

Antivirus False Positive Issues (Nothing is saving!)
If your antivirus begins complaining or you crash at odd times, it might be your antivirus being overly sensitive. Our saves files are currently in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire\preferences folder (betaPreferences for beta branch). Please white-list the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SlayTheSpire directory and the issue may be resolved. If you need help, a quick Google search for "add folder to INSERT_YOUR_ANITVIRUS_HERE white-list" should do the trick. If you continue to have save issues and don't believe it's caused by an anti-virus, please let us know and we'll do our best to fix the issue!

BITDEFENDER: Bitdefender has been known to cause issues with Slay the Spire. If you are experiencing unexpected crashes or periodic lag, we recommend disabling Bitdefender or other programs like it, as several users have reported this fixes their issues.

Game is Slow/Stuttering
There is a known problem we are investigating where the game may stutter or slow when not run in Administrator Mode for some people.

Although Slay the Spire runs with fairly low specs, some computers might have problems. It's best to have a good amount of RAM (at least 4GB) and a decent CPU/GPU. If these requirements are met and you still see issues, please let us know!
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I'm going to lock this thread as people are posting issues here. Please make new threads to keep individual issues isolated in one location.
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